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And 'cause you know the Japanese love a fad ::


Hundreds of Japanese, including adherents of the QAnon conspiracy theory, are taking to the streets in support of President Donald Trump’s claim that he won election.




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Coss, the explanation I have of those Asians supporting Trump is that America is a land of immigrants. Every new immigrant class are not deemed 'American' yet and they try to be as American as possible for acceptability. That acceptability can only come from the majority culture (code speak for white haha...if we want to be completely honest). The Republican partys biggest niche is that so you become accepted faster and easier being a Republican than you are as a Dem. 

The Faustian bargain is you have to shit on the group you came from. For example Carly Fiorina was the most vocal candidate against abortion. The men never mentioned it. Latino Trump supporters are for the wall and strict immigration laws. Black candidates blame Blacks and not systemic and endemic reasons. 

I would imagine the same in England if you tell everyone you are Tory and you are a foreigner. 

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1. Biden will not run for re-election possibly and if he does, he won't win. Biden won mainly to get Trump out. He never formulated a plan of how he would govern and what he was going to do. The economy has to get markedly better. Much better to have a chance. He has estranged a lot of black voters with his recent finger wagging talk with civil rights leaders. He can't win Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin without it and he can't be competitive in Ohio and Georgia without it. He's making a big play for the latino vote but they will be split as before and vote for a Republican in similar percentages. Cubans primarily but other latinos won Florida for Trump. 

2. Kamala Harris is not viable as a candidate and if she runs she will get crushed. 

3. Republicans will re-take the Senate if they lose the two races in Georgia and I'm not sure if they will lose both. Possibly one. But it would not shock me if they won them barely either. It looks good for the Dems so a betting person will say they will win. 

4. Republicans may take both the House and Senate in 2022.  Dems have no vision or agenda. Republicans are better at the game of politics and are far better gaslighters. 

5. There will be a crash by the 2024 election. That happens all bets are off. The election of '24 will depend on 1. who the people blame and 2. how Biden responds. 

6. Trump will control the party from the outside. He will control the masses via tweets, interviews mainly and the high paid speeches, ex presidents are paid to do. 


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