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2 hours ago, cavanami said:

So all you "experts"....if not Trump, who???

1 hour ago, cavanami said:

Still waiting for your "expert" opinion on, if not Trump, who should be president


I think you'll find that Biden is the President of the USA and has been for some time.

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Yes we are racist says the GOP - Just so you know...

An Alabama GOP county chair apologizes for posting an elephant logo with KKK imagery. The local NAACP wants him off the school board

A county NAACP chapter in northern Alabama is calling for the resignation of a school board member and local Republican Party chairman, who says his sharing on social media of a GOP elephant logo that included KKK imagery was unintended. 

The Facebook page of the Lawrence County Republican Party had included in one of its posts an image that shows a representation of a GOP elephant with three Klansmen with hoods symbolized in the legs of the logo. The image originally appeared in a Mother Jones article from 2020 entitled, "The Republican Party is Racist and Soulless."...


As accurate as the image may be, for a GOP to post it, is dumber than dumb.

Another story featuring the image



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more happiness for Coss.

When the Trump lawyers told the FBI that they'd given all the classified documents they had (150-ish), and signed a document to that effect, what they didn't know, was that Trump had personally, been through all the boxes with his little, little hands and had kept back, another 150-ish classified documents.

Which the FBI discovered and took, when they executed the warrant on Mar-a-Lago.

When you keep 150 classified documents and tell the FBI, "No, you've got 'em all now", it looks a lot like theft.

And when the documents in question are top secret and above,  and have to do with the nation's security, theft becomes espionage...


Oh happy days...

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...to the a-hole Biden, use your own friggin money to pay off student debt!

Way past time to teach FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden just forgave $10,000 in student loan debt. Elizabeth Warren calls it ‘one of the biggest acts of consumer debt relief in American history,’ while Mitch McConnell calls it ‘socialism’


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