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4 hours ago, Coss said:

On the one hand, the devastation of the hurricane Ian, is immense, but on the other, it is hard to imagine a more American response to the flooding that ensued, than the shooting of the flood waters:




We are sooooo lucky to have our own '360 stooge...

Some parts of the USA have crocodiles and even sharks in the flood waters...but a stooge as can be easily seen here...

What's been happening with animals in Florida during Hurricane Ian?

The arrival of Hurricane Ian didn't just displace thousands of people in Florida. The bruising winds and surging waters also dislodged animal residents. Here's what happened to both wild and captive creatures across the peninsula.

- - -

- Was the 'street shark' in that viral video real?

Images purporting to show marine life swimming through cities during storms are common online hoaxes.

But a viral video of a finned creature - perhaps a shark - during Hurricane Ian appears to be the real deal....


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