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On 8/13/2022 at 9:24 PM, cavanami said:

You want Bill Clinton back so he can fuck more underage girls?

You want Obama back so he can do NOTHING for the black people in the USA?

Bidumb is doing his best to get a war started!!

I was involved with the first of the Farm Aids...I saw the great work that Willie Nelson was doing but they put the IRS on him! I've got eyes, I saw it up close and personal!!!!

Trump and the GOP are the only hope for the USA! mark my words and then all you know it alls can eat 

Trump was best friends with Jeffery Epstein, who liked them as young as 12 years old.  Certainly, Clinton was acquainted with Epstein, but not as well as Trump was.  Do you really think that being a paedophile makes you a Democrat but Republicans are as pure as the driven snow?

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23 minutes ago, Mekong said:

A link you asked for


Still waiting for your "expert" opinion on, if not Trump, who should be president....SILENCE...

Fact check: Trump joins Carter, Ford and Nixon among presidents without a new war


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Judicial Watch Victory: Court Rejects Biden DOJ Effort to Keep Trump Warrant Affidavit Completely Sealed

We are aggressively fighting the Department of Justice to uncover all the details of the unprecedented August 8, 2022, raid on the home of former President Trump.

In a vindication of our efforts, Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart issued a decision that rejected the out-of-hand Justice Department’s brazen play to keep the whole document secret. The Biden administration’s unprecedented and abusive raid on Trump’s home has created a crisis in the rule of law that can only be alleviated with transparency and accountability. We’re thrilled that Americans will get more of both with today’s court decision, finding that at least some more information about this terrible raid should be released.

Magistrate Reinhart had called for a hearing in West Palm Beach, FL, at which James Moon of the Meland Budwick, P.A. law firm in Miami, argued on our behalf. After the hearing the court issued an order that stated:

As I ruled from the bench at the conclusion of the hearing, I find that on the present record the Government has not met its burden of showing that the entire affidavit should remain sealed. It is ORDERED that by noon EST on Thursday, August 25, 2022, the Government shall file under seal its proposed redactions along with a legal memorandum setting forth the justification for the proposed redactions.

The court also ordered the release of other documents concerning the warrant.


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