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Usa Thread


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...To deal with any doubts about reasons for the Karzai meeting being canceled, reporters traveling with Obama were escorted outside the air field hangar to get a glimpse of the conditions. The wind was blowing strongly, kicking up dust clouds as troops streamed in to hear Obama. An American flag whipped against its pole.



Perfect weather for Obama to take a short flight...maybe on an unmanned vehicle?



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Obama to troops: 'Each of you has your own story'


Just shut the fuck up and don't tell wikileaks!


President Obama designed yesterday's surprise trip to Afghanistan as a tribute to U.S. troops.


Here is how he closed his remarks to nearly 4,000 troops at Bagram Air Base:


Each of you has your own story. Each of you is writing your own chapter with the story of America and the story of American armed forces. Each of you have some losses. Each of you have made sacrifices.


You come from every conceivable background, from big cities and small towns from every race and faith and station. You've come together to serve a greater cause, one that matters to the citizens of your country back home and to strangers who live a world away.


So make no mistake, through your service, you demonstrate the content of the American character. Sal is right, every single one of you is a hero.


To some people ask whether America's best days lie ahead or whether our greatness stretches back behind us in the stories of those who have gone before.


Presdient Obama greets troops at Bagram Air Base.


By Pablo Martinez Monsivais, AP

And when I look out at all of you, I know the answer to that. You give me hope. You give me inspiration. Your resolve shows that Americans will never succumb to fear. Your selfless service shows who we are, who we always will be, united as one people, united as one nation, for you embody and stand up for the values that make us what we are as a people.


America is not defined by our borders. We are defined by a common creed. And this holiday season, it's worth remembering that we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights that among these are the right to life, and liberty and pursuit of happiness.


And that's what you're fighting for in Afghanistan, and that's what you're protecting back home. And that belief is more powerful than any adversary.


So we may face a tough enemy in Afghanistan and we're in a period of tough challenges back home, but we do not become the nation that we are because we do what's easy, as Americans, we've endured and we've grown stronger, and we remain the land of the free only because we are also home of the brave.


And because of you, I know that once more we will prevail. So thank you, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America!

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<< So make no mistake, through your service, you demonstrate the content of the American character. >>



He demonstrated his own character through his military service to his country. :D


p.s. What a crap speech. I thought Obie was supposed to be an orator. This sounds like a high school graduation address.


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We need some sex here, so I bring you a pretty good looking 52 year old




Wheelchair-bound woman in underwear gets hour-long security search

A woman in a wheelchair arrived at an airport wearing only her underwear to avoid an "enhanced" pat down, only to be subjected to an hour-long security search after traces of nitrate were found on her body.

Tammy Banovac's strategy backfired after security found traces of nitrate on her body and she was held back for an hour-long search

Tammy Banovac's strategy backfired after security found traces of nitrate on her body and she was held back for an hour-long search Photo: SPLASH

By Nick Allen in Los Angeles 10:35AM GMT 03 Dec 2010


Tammy Banovac, 52, said she decided to travel wearing only knickers and a bra after undergoing a search two weeks earlier.


Referring to the earlier search, she told The Oklahoman newspaper: "If it happened anywhere else, it would have been sexual assault."


When she turned up at Oklahoma City airport hoping to be processed quickly she was once again given an extra search, which caused her to miss her flight to Phoenix.


A video of the incident, showing the wheelchair-bound passenger in her black underwear and carrying her pet lapdog, was filmed by another passenger and posted on YouTube.


Officials said she was given the "enhanced" search this time because traces of nitrates, which can be used in explosives, were found on her body.


Nitrates are also found in medications and could also have come from a recent hunting trip she went on.


The Transvestite Security Administration has faced a growing outcry over new security measures at US airports, with many travellers complaining they are invasive and humiliating.


In the latest case an Oklahoma City Airport spokesman said the TSA acted appropriately and "did everything they should have done."

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