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Damn right they had to search her! From the way she was dressed she quite easily could have been an Islamic fundamentalist and a potential suicide bomber. :hmmm:




The Oklahoma City woman, [color:red]a retired surgeon who uses a wheelchair[/color], tried to clear security at the Will Rogers World Airport Tuesday wearing just a bra and panties - all the while, clutching a small, white pooch.


People noticed.


According to The Oklahoman, the 52-year-old Banovac arrived at the airport wearing a trenchcoat, but disrobed when it came time to go through security - an incident captured by a fellow flier and posted on YouTube.


[color:red]Banovac chose the more than half-naked approach because she claims she had previously had an unpleasant "hands-on" experience at the airport, reported The Oklahoman.[/color]


[color:red]She says that typically she is hand-searched because she uses a wheelchair; however, she feels violated due to the more invasive searches that have recently been employed.


"If it happened anywhere else, it would have been sexual assault," Banovac told the newspaper.[/color]







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Now interestingly Ford wasn't Nixon's choice of VP, I used to think Nixon had no say in who the VP would be, but it turns out if the pres is alive he gets to choose the VP, Nixons choice was a Ex-Democrat from Texas, who was a tad to shonky/


You sure?


The first Presidential candidate to choose his Vice Presidential candidate was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1940. The last not to name a Vice Presidential choice, leaving the matter up to the convention, was Democrat Adlai Stevenson in 1956.


Though there is this:


On October 10, 1973, Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned and then pleaded no contest to criminal charges of tax evasion and money laundering, part of a negotiated resolution to a scheme wherein he accepted $29,500 in bribes while governor of Maryland. According to The New York Times, "Nixon sought advice from senior Congressional leaders about a replacement. The advice was unanimous. 'We gave Nixon no choice but Ford,' House Speaker Carl Albert recalled later".
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