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And another thing, that Trump supporters can't fathom, something that does just not compute for them, is that if one opposes Trumperbelle, that does not mean that one is pro the Hillary.


Trump supporters could be forgiven for thinking that if Hillary is bad, ipso facto, Trumperbelle must be good.


But that's because cognition, is not a common trait, amongst Trump supporters.


What most Trump supporters cannot understand, what they cannot get into their head is this:


Hilary is evil, Trump is a moron and almost all of the criticism, of Trump, is not in anyway a promotion to see Hillary in the white house.


What it is in simple terms is:


Hilary is evil, Trump is a moron, why the f*ck can't the American people get someone fitting to run their country, because what America does, affects the rest of the world too and Whilst no one wants evil, equally we don't want morons and urine stained hair.


Get a real person.


Yes, good question, why can't the USA come up with a good candidate? 350,000,000 people and we are basically

offered Crooked Killary or The Donald....


Answer: "They" don't want to offer better candidates.


They = big biz and their lobbyists.


What politician in the USA isn't a multimillionaire? one is hard pressed to find such!


You might go in to politics poor (like when the Clintons left the White House) but they come out multimillionaires....geeee, how could that happen on their salary????

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I looked in to trying to obtain citizenship in Germany, Ireland, Canada and even New Zealand.

All require you live in country for some years, which is a deal breaker for me.

I am sick of all the invasiveness of the USA!


I am trapped, even if I get other citizenship, since I get a pension from the USA, meaning income, I

would still have to file tax forms...I cannot escape unless I would forego my pension and other income

producing assets, which I cannot do....

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I see how good your analytical skills are...the guy is 180 from Jesus! You lose 555


It's his fashion outré that prompts the Jesus complex comment.


His ramblings are all very interesting and a good listen, but contribute nothing to the observations that sane people have about Trump.


The best comments I've seen recently come from the NZ Prime Minister, who was at pains not to start a diplomatic incident and was denying that the Trumperbelle had mistaken her for Justin Trudeau's wife.


She also quipped, when Trumperbelle, was attempting to compliment her, on her election win, "No one marched when I was elected..."


And the best for last.


"Not as orange, in real life".



I'm liking our new Prime minister....

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