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Your First Favorite Song


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This is how it started, with the Sweet, after I got lost for a while in Yes and discovered Zappa as well.

Than it was Punk Rock from there on, just missed the Sex Pistols but managed to see Joy Division live. The start of a long list of live gigs, somewhere in the thousands! Scratch Acid that's a trip down memory lane!


Wow, how can I get a You Tube vdo embedded?

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An old Thread resurrected as is my norm .... haha missed it first time around and you cannot keep Kong off music.


1967, I was 3 years old when I first heard Steve Marriot on the Wireless, This was Music, we had Tom Jones, Cilla and Petula Clark etc on the Tranny (Trannsiter Radio not a Bisexual), I vividly remember splash splashing around in the Porcelain Sink in the Kitchen my Mom used to bathe me in shouting "Turn it Up"


You have to realize at this time my Father was listening to the American Beatniks such as the Doors and he Stooges (Yes the Old Man played good guitar) but after hearing this "Our Side of the Pond" tune I wanted to learn Guitar


Small Faces "Tin Soldier" The tune which changed my life. (I didn't know PP Arnold back then, I was only three years old haha)




OMG over 50 years ago. I am officially Old

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My all time fave from 1963 - Jacques Loussier, Christian Garros, Pierre Michelot - Play Bach No. 3







Tommy from The Who 1975





even in '75 us Kiwis had to wait a full year before this album was available to purchase in the shops, subversive stuff this....

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