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Guys, no question that her latter years werent her finest, but if a mate went to Patts and drank himself to death, is that the part you would want to remember ? They replayed 'The Bodyguard' the other day, and I could definitely see where all the praise came from - the tragedy is the number of dweebs who insisted on having 'Always Love You' blasting through a cheap PA at their wedding/engagement/circumcision. I'm sure it also got a hammering in Karaoke bars, but the instant I see some bitch lurch toward a microphone I leave. No amount of alcohol can drown out a Karaoke ambush - the horror, the horror.

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Davy Jones, member of the 1960's group The Monkees, died today of an apparent heart attack. A band not given as much credit as it should have. http://www.cnn.com/2012/02/29/showbiz/obit-davy-jones/index.html



i grew up with the tv programme and their music is under-rated but easy to listen to and sing along to.


he had a home near where i worked in the hospital and was often a patient whenever he or one of his kids had an accident involving their horses.

he was a nice fella and always had a smile on his face and never refused to sign an autoraph.

the younger members of staff had no idea who he was and were amazed at the reaction of people in the hospital when they saw him.

and he was often raising cash for the hospital.... :up:


a nice fella............. B)

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