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Surprised I didn't see Etta James on here. She was 're-discovered' when a Jaguar car commercial had her hit 'At Last' as its theme song. I didn't know who she was but loved the song. I asked my parents about her when I first heard it and my dad said I should know who she was but had my head filled up with that rap stuff to appreciate good music (sidenote: why am I sorry I ever ask them anything? They only criticize me...arghhh!!)


Anyway, I read her life story and hers was basically a poster child story for how a lot of black singers career was in those days. Glad she could re-capture some popularity before she died.





I vaguely remembered her name, but as soon as they listed some of her songs I knew who she was. What a voice!














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Don Cornelius of the dance/musc show Soul Train. Suicide. We watched it religously on Saturday afternoon when I was growing up. Had the coolest baritone voice. Also, his signature signoff ".....wishing you love, peace and soooouuuuuullllll!



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No question that it was a steady downhill slide from the mid-90s, but its ironic that she survived an abusive marriage only to die in a bathtub. I question 'accidental' whenever someone combines prescription drugs with gallons of alcohol, but I guess some folk have been doing it for so long that it seems like just another day on planet earth. RIP Whitney - your Superbowl anthem rendition is what you should be remembered for.



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In 2010 this was the response to her performance here in Oz


ANGRY fans of American diva Whitney Houston are facing an uphill battle to get a refund for tickets to her controversial Brisbane show.


Radio talkback shows and online chat forums were jammed with disappointed concert-goers who were fuming at what they considered to be a substandard performance by the one-time pop diva.


"This show was like watching a slow and painful death of a living legend," one reader wrote on The Courier Mail's website.


"It was so sad and disappointing. Out of breath, incoherent, barely sung any full songs and butchered the ones she did."

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