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Saying 'hello' From The Usa

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Well, we are happily settled into our new home in North Carolina and nicely situated in a quiet, peaceful, small town which is 15 - 20 minutes from Raleigh.

We bought a 4 bedroom, 2 and a half bath home with living area of 2250. square feet. The home was built in late 2006, has a two car garage and a decent sized

back yard which my Thai wife loves to garden in. I can see her now tending to her lemongrass, Thai ginger, various types of basils and other herbs, tomatoes and

so on. She found a banana tree in a local greenhouse and it's doing great as are her pineapples. She definitely has a green thumb and loves to garden. She sells

spices to a Thai market store in Raleigh. She has most of what she needs to make fine Thai dishes. She is a fine cook; and, she makes fabulous sushi and other

Asian 'fusion' foods. She is entertaining a very lucrative offer from a fine Thai restaurant in Raleigh to work as a chef and may well begin in a few weeks.

She is preparing diligently for the American citizenship test which she will be eligible to take this December.


Our son Andrew (some of you guys remember him as the 'linebacker') has adjusted beautifully to the local school system. He's a very large and sturdy boy, very

strong and very handsome! He is interested in basketball, soccer, horses and enjoys mowing the lawn, etc. He's a great kid who turned nine years old in March.

He's a very bright child, and should have a fine future here in the States.


We really like North Carolina ... great weather, friendly folks and Southern hospitality.


I did need to have a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted in late March at Duke University Medical Center. All went well and overall, my health is pleasingly stable.


We do hope to visit Thailand in a year or two. My wife is able to keep in touch with her family via Skype, etc. Hey, when we come, we will definitely have to have

some type of reunion or party. Truth be told (not to sound like Stick), I really miss LOS; but, I can proudly say that living in the Kingdom greatly enriched my

life. I will try to stay in touch through this forum and thanks to KS, I have reverted back to New Petchburi Pete, for once you live in BKK, you never really get

it out of your blood. River fish fried in front of Union Tower? Hey, Talapia is sold everywhere here now; and, my wonderful wife knows how to make it taste just

as it did in Bangkok.


Chok dee kup


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I meant to add that our backyard is alive with deer, rabbits, foxes and an amazing array of birds!


With KS's permission I wanted to show you gents the fine home we now own ... and my wife as a

Permanent Legal Resident is co-owner which makes me damn proud of her ! She has advanced so far

in life that it literally gives me joy to watch her develop and adapt. She is bright, ambitious

and very talented and having chosen me to be her husband I don't mind adding that she displayed

fine taste. She is more beautiful now than when I met her at age eighteen. She'll turn thirty

years old in July and she gets more beautiful with each passing year.

Interestingly, the three of us were all born on a Saturday, so we have the Saturday image of Lord

Buddha in our 'shrine' room which of course is upstairs on the highest level of the home.


Today will be 90 degrees with low humidity (dew point about 59 degrees)! North Carolina is truly

God's Country ... this land and we who are lucky enough to live here is indeed blessed!


Chok dee kup,


New Petchburi Pete







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Nice, Pete - very nice. You two haven't changed a bit! Whatever you're doing out there it's working, those photos could have been taken 10 years ago.

Well done mate, glad things have worked out, you two are about the nicest couple I ever met. I work with a guy from NC, and as you say, "Southern Hospitality" - if the locals are like him you'll do fine.


Stay well, glad to hear the ticker's still tickin'!

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