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A Surprise Return


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in 2010 i lost my job but got a good financial pay-off.

in May 2011 i missed my flight to Thailand after falling ill at the airport and having to spend 2 weeks in hospital due to what i later discovered was a drink related ailment.

but the airline honoured my ticket and i was off to Phuket in Sept 2011 and had a good time happy with a lady who i liked and spent all my time with but did have the occasional S/T when i felt like it.

but i was hooked by the place as usual and i had money in the bank and went again to Phuket in Dec/Jan of last year and not a good time.

had slight illnesses(and delay of luggage)which affected the trip and with bad times with ladies made the trip a bad one.

fuck it i thought and booked again for May this Year,i like being in Thailand for my birthday.

Emirates flight and same hotel booked and i was off.


met many old friends as i walked around town and then met a lady on my first night who i was happy to stay with the entire trip...........but she fucked up and i soon found another lady and she was my lady for the rest of the trip.


on my return i knew i had a serious drink problem and i have now made moves for some sort of treatment.

a little worried about what will happen as i'll be treated where i used to work and by friends of mine.


but i had a surprise when i won a little cash on the British Lottery and decided i had to return at least one more time to Thailand.

i travelled around a Month ago and made a pledge to myself.



more to follow..............boring i'm afraid.

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on my return i knew i had a serious drink problem and i have now made moves for some sort of treatment.

a little worried about what will happen as i'll be treated where i used to work and by friends of mine.



SJ, you have made the most important step and recognising that you may imbibe a little too frequently.


I was well fucked up, wife leaving me losing everything etc, I was on a Bottle of Vodka before breakfast I was on the road to ruin hence the reason I went full on and put myself into Rehab for 3 weeks, probably saved my life.


I still drink now occasionally but only beer I stay off the top shelf now. Hey, if I can do it so can you, Good Luck Mate!

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the 1st couple of days were strange for me.

due to flights and everything i got to my hotel about 3 hours before i could check-in but not a problem for me as this was normally the case.

i left my luggage and took my my normal stroll of around a rough square just to see what was going on and get a few supplies such as toothbrush and paste/shower gel and smelly spray....i don't see the point the point of taking it all with me.

just took in the atmosphere of a place i know and like and walked through the surf to get a feel of the place again.

avoided certain places for the 1st day and ended up at a small bar behind my hotel which i could never understand how they made a living as totally off the beaten track.

sat down and with my paper and quickly approached by a lady who took my order of an orange juice and just settled down to relax with a small drink and paper.


not really interested in company at the time but the lady came and sat down with me and we got chatting and i thought why not after a while.

by the time i walked the minutes walk to my hotel with my lady(100bt B/F) my room was ready and my luggage already taken to the room.

thankfully i was put in the room i had requested.....i loved it.

i got her a towel and undressed her and said she take shower while i unpacked but soon she appeared and said she wanted shower with me and i could'nt refuse.

we washed each other and then i dried her then we started on other things.

she said she was 31 and a good body and i knew i had to taste her and get a return favour.


eventually she wanted to fuck but i stopped her as i knew sex without a condom is frowned upon on this board and she had a problem with that.

but i was also tired after the travelling and just asked her to finish me off and she just took me in her mouth and made me happy.

i knew i needed a nap and told her so and she was happy to stay with me and we settled down and she cuddled up to me and we both fell asleep.

we awoke a few hours later and after doing the normal things before a night out we were off for the night.

the night was going to be an experience for me as i wanted to look up previous ladies but keep a low profile.

i don't like to display current ladies in front of previous ones but off we went for the night.

a lot of disappointments occured in the next few hours but that will be told later.

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100 bt bar fine ......who said LOS was getting too expensive :cheerleader::tophat:

it's just knowing enough to know where the best prices are.

the bars off the main drag are normally very quiet and are desparate for cash.

some of these places are the best in town,you just need to walk around and look.

but most people just walk along Bangla and then complain about prices..... :shakehead

my 1st night with this lady which included B/F,drinks/food and her fee was just over 1000bt.

why go to Bangla and pay 1000bt for a B/F and then a lot more in drinks when it's so easy to get good and cheaper service 5 minutes walk away?.

people knock Phuket for various reasons but if you know the place then it becomes so simple.

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