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The Anything Goes Music Thread!


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Whilst not a fan of Hip-Hop, Rap and various types of that genre one artist does stand out.


A decade ago, the twenty-something musician was a teen phenom with a record deal in his pocket and a bright future ahead. Tragically, Ren’s plans were derailed by debilitating mental and physical issues. Undiagnosed Lyme disease left him trapped in his bedroom for years. While in seclusion, he wrote and recorded music. 


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The "Viking"was never ientified and for yers faught to have the video removed.




Many Many MANY parodies over the years evolved, really funny stuff


BUT The Techno Viking didn't want to be named


Fritsch did not know the man's name at the time of filming.[4][6][12] A man who appeared in the 2009 "Bodybuilding" broadcast of the German television show segment Raab in Gefahr[13] was taken to be Techno Viking in a YouTube upload.[14] In 2008, fans claimed MMA fighter Keith Jardine was Techno Viking.[15] The lawyer of the Techno Viking asserts that his client had never been a public figure and that he did not want to become one.[16]

The unnamed man's court case against Fritsch concerning infringement of personality rights opened in Berlin on 17 January 2013.[4][17][18] In June, a decision was reached for the plaintiff and Fritsch was ordered to pay the man 13,000 in damages, almost all he had made from YouTube ads and sales of Techno Viking merchandise, plus €10,000 in court costs, and to cease publication of his image


A documentary 


Just recently though, err, not recently in a news sense more as in a glaciorially sense, 


The Woddcutter News of Ireland released the real story of how the Techno Viking is a gay Wookcutter



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