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Samsung Galaxy 4

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Yeah agree, nothing wrong with the phone, just TTM company software and TTM inability to use the phone.



You dangle colorful pearls in front of him.

He smiles.


That is exactly what all smart phones business have unearthed from human nature and now makes money on it.

The devices are not primarily intended to function as telephones. In Japan, out of 60$ average phone bill per month, only 5$ are phone calls. The rest is money extraction by providing distractions at a cost. That is what the device is intended for.

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Spoke to my mate who has one and he says no password is needed to operate the S4 although he did add a password to stop anyone else using it.

I think from around 2006......cannot remember where   attachment=1811:Library - 0041.jpg]    

It should be illegal to sell them any other way.

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That's what I had, don't know which model, it is irrelevant in Japan. It rings, you talk, you hang up.

That's what the phone is for, not to fiddle with keys to do what has been possible for more than a century with no instructions.


The only "smarts" was email to own mobile phone address. Even those I could barely read and small keys were too small to reply with more than with "OK", "Yes".

If there was anythings else, never needed nor used.


Then Galaxy was sent my way, old phone SIM card disabled the moment Galaxy was activated. Had I known, Galaxy would be at the bottom of some drawer until (if ever) Corp realises I am not using it.


And yes, rich and unwanted and unneeded graphics require daily charging. Previous phone was going 2 weeks on 1 charge.

To have it on, I am even feeling an intrusion into daily life, forced to be near charging point. Go 2 days mountain hiking with 1 sleep and get cut off. Would not even be able to call emergency if needed as that junk would have ran out of battery while powering what I never needed nor wanted nor used. Obviously providing the mobility as the idea of mobile phone was, is not their priority. Be always charged, spend, spend, spend using the device for whatever you can be charged for,


What they (Samsung) could do is have a feature "Revert to function phone" that would turn it into basic phone with nothing else. Like a super resolution screen turned into VGA mode. That would make the battery last much longer while keeping the number available. Switch back when (in my case never ever) needed.

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Until iPhone, phones have never been on sale in Japan as individual handsets. Hardly anyone knows what model their phone is. It can be decoded if looked under the battery, F = Fujitsu, S = Sharp, H = Hitachi. Little known they have ever been in handset business. Sets are provided by operator and that is the difference: who offers what. Handsets are worthless, no phone tefts here.

Mobile phones have never been a status symbol. Nokia failed and left Japan 3 years ago.


Galaxy SIM card does not fit into feature phones. May fit in the future, years from now. So even if i found a feature phone (worthless, when switching after 18 months individuals can drop it in the recycle bin or keep it, i have 3 at home), it won't accept the Galaxy mini SIM card with my number in it.

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If a phone cannot fit in my shirt pocket then I am not interested.



Thank you. Me too.


I viewed some at cell phone outlet/store. Some are quite large now.

Good for a ladies purse maybe.

Never fit in any of my pockets.


Also, I don't buy/get any cell phone where one cannot change battery. With ease.

I keep a spare battery and charger. Just switch batteries. Simple.

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