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Samsung Galaxy 4

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Then the junk turns "Proximity sensor on" and shuts down the screen during the call.

What fcuk is that and why do I need it?


100 years ago, on a rotary phone, it rings, hello, talk, hang up. Why is it not possible today?


In 1969. the entire, complete computer power of NASA, was less than today's single 20$ mobile phone for African market.

And they sent a man to the Moon back then.


They can't and don't know how to do that today.

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Spoke to my mate who has one and he says no password is needed to operate the S4 although he did add a password to stop anyone else using it.

I think from around 2006......cannot remember where   attachment=1811:Library - 0041.jpg]    

It should be illegal to sell them any other way.

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You can also turn off the proximity sensor. If the proximity sensor is working properly, the display turns off when you hold the phone next to your face. The display should turn back on when the phone is taken away from the face. The iPhone does the same thing.

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Now you know why Microsoft bought Nokia :)


To jump on a population dumbing train. Microsoft knows they have nothing to do with the mobiles. Yet they are struggling to jump on.


Give the people useless and distracting devices. That cattle watches TV, soapies, gets thrilled with bogus news, why not make some money off them?


Just how successful Microsoft (as a late entrant) could be? The popular stupidity remains, just being harvested by others.

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NOT entering the argument, just asking for a point of clarification.


Is it true that the Samsung Galaxy 4 has no "End Call" button for calls? you have to set an option to use the power button?


Does it have a "start" menu to shut it down?

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It does have end call button.

However, .if the phone rang when the password time had expired, you can take the call but to end it you need to enter the password. Small keys, if not stationary or without glasses almost guaranteed to make a mistake.

Not sure if all are like that but the password on mine must be a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers.

There is an option press the side button to end a call but it ends all else.


To see a demo of what rubbish it is, someone posted instructions how to take and end a call (did not click on it).


Like instructions on how to flip the light switch.

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So what they need is some bright spark to enter a line of code somewhere that says something like this:


password screen lock - if - phone call in progress, then, screen lock = no, else, screen lock = yes

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