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Samsung Galaxy 4

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Just got it yesterday, Corp said my "function" phone is 3 years old and has to be replaced.




Looks nice but annoying to me (2 days only).

To answer the call, not just press the green phone handset icon while it is ringing, but swipe over it.

To end a call, another operation.


Will get used to it. The main trouble is my reading sight is not good although no glasses (other that for reading) I need.

Can't imagine doing what the kids are doing with iPhones.


Now, there is a business drama. In the pic, you can see the handset has "docomo X" label, not Samsung (although Samsung is on the back).


NTT DoCoMo, the biggest operator of mobile telephony in Japan, does not offer iPhone. They requested it has to be labeled "docomo" as this one is. Apple keeps on rejecting that.


What we are having now, out of 45 milllion subscribers, NTT DoCoMo is net losing 30,000 a month. Some say, to the providers offering iPhone.


Now, there is a waiting game: NTT is watching Apple losing market share, as much as Aple is watching NTT losing subscribers.

NTT has introduced Galaxy 4, discontinued BlackBerry.


Apple can see that not all subscribers leaving NTT DoCoMo go for iPhone, many go for Galaxy with other providers.


Who will relent first? Apple or NTT?

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Spoke to my mate who has one and he says no password is needed to operate the S4 although he did add a password to stop anyone else using it.

I think from around 2006......cannot remember where   attachment=1811:Library - 0041.jpg]    

It should be illegal to sell them any other way.

Posted Images

Don't know elsewhere, in Japan that means the supplier of the handset is responsible for it, for everything that works on it, all the services and extras above the basic call.


A typical, an average, account with mobile phone in Japan is 70US$ a month. Only 5$ are the calls themselves (in Thai, those 5$ is all they get per month). Everything else is an add on that comes from the provider. For paying bills, having the mobile as a purse at supermarket checkouts, Apple can't do that and can't be held responsible.


It goes as far as mini TV series for mobiles (3 minutes episodes) to bar code sent for check in at the airport (exists since 2001).

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Is it really much better than the S3 ?Seems like the phone hardware producers have a problem here,to keep up public interest they have to keep on bringing out new models.Meanwhile the price for the previous model falls by 20-50 %.Like I send to the sales girl in Carphone Warehouse when she tried to get me to pay over £500 for the Galaxy S3 a while back " No thanks,I`ll wait 18 months and buy it for half the price :grinyes:

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With DoCoMo, you would not stay with S2 and skip S3. Every 18 months a subscriber is entitled to hardware replacement, 50$ flat.

With the old one, you have a choice: to keep it or "drop it into that bin for professional recycling". Although you had never bought it outright, you became the owner after 18 months. Same with iPhones and SoftBank. Wife is going to have her iPhone 4 replaced with 5S.


This year 35 million iPhones were replaced and left to collect dust. There was in the papers, a guy developed an "App" that turns a discarded iPhone into a surveliance camera for house. The title was funny: "Watch your house being robbed, online!".

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4s does everything I need. Don't know about Samsung but cannot sync a BB with my MacBook


Bust you can, you just need to Download BB for MAC a free application.


Out of personal choice I use Apple products, not just phones, and for me the Screen Sizes now are getting ridiculous, back in late 80's I used to laugh at people holding the "Motorola Brick" to the side of their heads and now the "Phablet" market is taking hold. If a phone cannot fit in my shirt pocket then I am not interested.


As for operating systems again they is no need to argue, from personal preference i prefer IOS and OSX whereas others prefer Android and Windows (or Linux), it does not make me right or wrong, I am not claiming that Apple is superior it's my choice.

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