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Samsung Galaxy 4

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Spoke to my mate who has one and he says no password is needed to operate the S4 although he did add a password to stop anyone else using it.

I think from around 2006......cannot remember where   attachment=1811:Library - 0041.jpg]    

It should be illegal to sell them any other way.

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There is a thing (much hated) called "ISMS": Information Security Management System.


Many large companies had to implement that, pretty much a plague as ISO9003 or whatever. Parasites have invented it, mickey mouse companies they are and if you are not in it, newspapers say like "IBM does not care about their customers information".


For the "Cloud", the champions are Google and Yahoo. Why have not companies entrusted their email systems to them? They (Google and Yahoo) know all about viruses, spams, phishing, backups.


I have been arguing for that since 2005. Any company can move their email to Yahoo or Google, they get their same domain and nobody would notice it is not Corp network.


My oponents said "it is not encrypted!". The telephony is not encrypted either, is any company building their own telephony system to prevent phone tapping?


On the parquet, what would that mean? Millions out of the job certified MS Exchange experts. Not only them, the legions of skilled people thrown to the streets, jobless.


Personally, I would not be affected, but retracted my views and sitting calm.



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In salute to your company phone...





The cartoonist could still be in the fifties. He does not konow that since 2001. in Japan phones can have 2 differengt phone numbers in the same handset. No need to carry 2 phones. Each number gets own separate bill to it's own address.


That is what "function phones" could do, i think iPhone and Galaxy can't.


The cartonist lives about technologically 5-8 years backwards when looked form Japan, Korea, Taiwan or Hong Kong.

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It is stupid to have ANY company confidential docs on the phone! It is easier to secure the "cloud" than every phone, laptop, tablet, etc.


My team is installing the device (a 1 mil $ equipment) at 3 sites in Japan right now.


Thousands, tens of thousands of laptops would have their image and boot from the central location without causing a "boot storm" Monday or any week day morning.


Applications servers for mission critical applications will also be virtual. NTT DoCoMo, adding 10 servers a week to keep with the smart phones demand is salivating - no more physical servers to purchase, maintain, back-up, upgrade, guard.


What does it mean? Destroying sales of server and laptop vendors. Anyone would get , say, 200$ a year to have a device of their choice and no locally stored data. Viruses and security centralized. One may watch porn and get into viruses on the device but when work comes, it gets it all from the central location. Assuming the device has not been turned into a brick.


Another effect would be - trashing legions of MS Certified Professionals around the world, decimating the number of internal IT staff.

A carnage. Also, bad news for the outsourcing companies (India) as the owners would keep the machine and capabilities locally.

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Definitely with Cav on this one.


As for old-fashioned, I don't think so, as all this 'cloud' crap is basically going back to the old days of using a 'dumb' terminal to log into a mainframe.




I agree, much cheaper to control, much cheaper to run, more profits and then one day 'Poof" it's all gone because Erkel the Yokel flipped the wrong switch in the control room...

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