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Nana Plaza Gogo Bars Name Changes


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Good informations, good job, Flashermac,


But what is it worth?


Fantasia is Hot Lips now

G-Spot is Candy Land

Lollipop is now renamed Suckers

Pretty Lady is called Spellbound now

„The old Voodoo has had a slight name change to Hoodoo.“

And we know now that Las Vegas and Tokyo Player have changed names to Wild Thing.

Etc. … Nice.

Now we know that some bars have changed names and that means those bars have new owners, tenants, managements.


But much more interesting is yet to know:

What about the girls?

What about drinking prices?

Barfines? Prices for lt and st!

Girls attitude? Services?



The really substantial question is, why have so many bars changed hands?

Why did sell the old operators their bars?

With what hopes the new tenants have bought?

Do the new operators have new, better business ideas?

They have a lot invested, they risk a lot. Will they get their money back?


I'll come back to NEP in November 2014, in 4 months.

I'll go up the stone stairs on the right to the first floor and I march straight up to DC-10 and Sexy Nights and then I'll be back in my old paradise and I start dreaming and indulging in reminiscences.

Admittedly these bars are small and shabby, but I always had a good time with animated atmosphere and aroused and thrilled vibrations.

Are these bars still run by those old Thai ladies?

Those bars had always some nice and sexy girls with good attitude. The prices for beverages were the lowest at Nana, and the girls wanted to have 1500 to 2000 Baht long time.

In Sexy Nights and DC-10 I always have been the king of cuddling and fondling; enjoying the girls, their tits, the baby fat.

Oh memories, sweet memories.


Charly alias Bakwahn

Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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Spellbound .... former Pretty Lady is about the only bar I found decent. At least the girls know how to have fun.

The downside, like all the bars in bkk are the pesty ones pushing for drinks. I guess they have to when some bar owners are putting monthly quotas on the girls to achieve full salary. 120 lady drinks a month in some bars I am told.

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Yes, but sounds like it is now drinks only, and quite possibly more than that. What's the average ladydrink price now? 150 Baht (really have no idea)?


Assuming that price and 120 drink quota, the bar makes 120x130 (say 20 Baht cost per ladydrink, probably too high, but well) = 15,600 Baht. Probably not much below the salary of your average bargirl, possibly even higher.



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