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What Is The Latest Book That You Have Read?


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by: Laura Hillenbrand


The life story of an Olympic runner, Louis Zamperini.

He spent 47 days in a small life raft drifting 2000 miles across the Pacific only to be captured by the Japanese.

He spent several years in WWII Japanese "POW" camps.


Well written and a gripping story!!!




Read this book and then decide if the USA dropping the A-bomb was a bad thing!

With hundreds of thousands in the Japanese "POW" camps, they were most pleased

to see the war end, as they were starved, beaten and full of untreated disease.

All the mistreatment was a daily occurrence!!!

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I'm currently re-reading the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. It is a non-fiction book that debunks religion. It would be a great help to anybody who has lost their faith and is thinking about coming out as an atheist.


That one is high on my list of "to read" even though I have been a convinced atheist for many years. Another on that I can recomend is "End of faith" by Sam Harris.

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