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Gorgeous Girl In Spankys Bar Nana Plaza


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I am back from the beaches in the south. I am back in Bangkok. Here you can read my long and detailed report of my adventures and experiences in Nana Plaza November / December 2014.





30. December 2014 Nana Plaza Spankys Bar. A drop-dead gorgeous girl in Spankys.


There is a beautiful girl in Spanky. If I would be 25 years younger then I would fall desperately in love with her. She is outstanding, she is a gorgeous beauty. She is even wife material. She is charming, friendly and of a pleasant restraint. Her face is fascinating; it has delicately chiseled features. You look into the face of a beauty queen. When she smiles at me then a shiver of admiration and affectionateness, deep fondness runs through my mind and body.


She is petite and slender, has seductive baby fat and fantastic huge boobies. Her tits are simply world class. Her breast tissue is sturdy, substantive and those wonders of the world are crowned by two large brown areolas. While dancing her big breasts are bouncing in time with the music. Their sight is driving the testosterone with great force into my blood and a mixture of love and tenderness but also of strong sexual desire floods me every time when I see her dancing naked.


I discovered her when I entered Spankys for the first time; that was on 30. of December 2014, early evening. I was fascinated at once. I spent several lady drinks and and we spent about 3 hours together. Her English is limited; too bad, what a pity.

On Sylvester 31. and New Years day 1. January 2015 - when it was late at night and the atmosphere was on the climax – she invited me to touch her breasts; she was a little bit drunk; I stress, just a little bit. And I enjoyed it. Grouping and fondling her goodies. Oh my goodness! I did it again and again. On both evenings I spent about 3 hours with her.

On New Year's Day night suddenly she asked me to pay bar for her. She wanted 3000 Baht for long time. I could not do that, I was too drunk already. We made an appointment for the next day at 8 pm.

On 2. of January Friday I went again to Spanky to see her. I was not sure to barfine her, an inner voice warned me. You will not get that great long time you are aiming at: Several fucks, hand-job, boob-job, cuddling, kissing, fondling, enjoying her big boobies, the typical girlfriend experience.


She came to me, greeted me with a smile. I hesitated what to do. I decided she should take over the active part.

“Make a barfine dependent on what she says, what she suggests, how she acts.†I thought.

The music was loud, her English is limited and she spoke in a low voice; I may have misunderstood some of her words, of her utterances, some of our “negotiationsâ€.


First she said: “Short time 2000 Baht for me.â€

But I answered that I wanted her long time, only long time and nothing else.

And then something strange happened. She said something like (I could not understand all, or might missunderstood her): “Boss said, today barfine is 1500 Bahr and 5000 Baht long time for me.â€

Barfine is of course 700 Baht and not 1500.

“Why does she say it?†was my thought. And why does she demand 5000 (?) and not 4000 or 3000, which I did anticipate. On Sylvester and 1. of January she wanted to have only 3000. Was it because she was a little bit drunk, better tipsy, tiddly, merry, jolly; in a good mood? And now at 8.15 pm early evening she was the strict calculating business woman? She mentioned the boss in her utterance. Maybe that he draw attention to the fact that these days are the best of the year: The time between Christmas and New Year are the high-selling days. Perhaps he said in a short speech to the girls that they should demand high prices and care for lady drinks and sales figures.


So I did not barfine her. Spent 2 lady drinks; we had pleasure together laughing and chatting as far as the loud music allowed it.


Gladly I would have read the reflections of the girls mind. She might have thought that I am a kiniau, a miser or a cheapskate.

Or she might thought that I am a smart guy coming back in some days when the absolute peak period is over and barfine her then.


ok. I stop here for now.

She told me that she will go home on Monday for 2 days; visiting the family in Buri Ram.

She was looking forward to these days at home.

I could see her anticipation; her face was gleaming.


Her name is Ploy; she comes from Buri Ram and she is 24 years old.

The photos don't do her justice. In reality she is much prettier. Her face is gorgeous. Her boobies are big and of breathless firmness.



Charly alias Nasiadai

Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

live from Bangkok

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Not really my type, well equipped enough in the shirt potatoes department and a body that could appeal, just not really the look, but kudos to you Charly, sure she could give a good performance, but for all that cash it would need to be wayyyyyy more than good!

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