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So What Did I Buy? Ais Supercombo


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AIS SuperCombo Lava iris 700: 4.5" qHD screen, 1.3gHz Dual Core, 8 GB ROM, 1GB RAM, Battery 2000mAh, Android 4.4 Kitkat, HD Voice, 3G/Edge


Now that I've had this thing, my first smart phone, which I was forced to buy because I wanted to use localphone.com for business, now that I've had it for 24 painful hours, please shed light for me. What did I end up with?


Oh..I also happened to buy AIS 5GB package for 750 baht. A friend tells me I didn't need that at all and I could have just paid 70 baht. I'm used to buying for an aircard so I thought it was something I had to do to use internet on the phone. I'm not planning to do lots of downloads, like movies. But what do you get for 70baht or whatever?


localphone doesn't work for shit! I can make a call and my home phone number in US shows up. I can't disclose locations I travel to, to the people I do business with.That's why I needed it. It wouldn't get going on laptop with aircard, although Skype runs perfectly. So I had to buy a smart phone. Local phone runs and connects. I can hear the callee perfectly. They hear noise and chatter and can barely make out anything I say. It is unuseable.


Since I've never had a s/ph before I have nothing to compare the performance to. One of the lads responded in another post that it would only be adequate for email and chores like that because the processor isn't so good. The speed is slower than I expected. Maybe it's average. Does it not have enough resources to run localphone properly, Is that the problem?




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