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Ok, Mark Your Calendars!


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A special guest will be in Bangkok.


...I'll be back in town on May 3rd for a week...


Set aside for the meet up and no phoney excuses like, "...I'm playing Santa Claus..." and

all that crap.


If you missed him on his last visit, make it to the meetup!!


Meetup will be finalized in the next few days and I will post it, so stay tuned...

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Whom is the terror of Bangkok?


I won't mention names but he is a good egg as we say in my neck of the woods, his humour is on par with mine, i.e. freaking warped


A few years back there was a board meeting and another BM said "Save me a Stool" now stool could mean a small chair one sits on or a sample one takes to the Doctor. Now me being me could not miss out on the chance of a wind up so myself and "The Terror of Bangkok" stopped by at a Pharmacy to purchase a sample jar and then at 7-11 for a Mars Bar.


A well warmed Mars Bar in mid summer Bangkok heat placed in a sample jar does resemble a stool sample, so it was placed on the table for his arrival the sample jar was brought to his attention with the "We Saved ya a Stool" remarks. About 15 minutes later I said to the terror "Hew Maak" opened said sample jar and started the contents which if truth be told really did look like a turd, if synchronised Ouak was an olympic activity we would have won Gold, Silver and Bronze that night

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