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Where Are They Now?

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Is there from an intimate experience you have had with OH? do we need a ruling on this comment

Christian Troy. Will never forget him and how he played games with peoples lives. Piggy quit his job to go and manage the bar and forfeited his work visa with his employer. Returned to Sydney and now

Had dinner with Suadum (cannot remember his reincarnation) at Balee Laos a few years back. He would often call me when he was in Oz. 5555 Cent was half decent except for the time I put the pic belo

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He was in Bangkok some months ago but I was hoping to see him but didn't.


OH: I would figure with a free ride over here he would appear every now and then, maybe he

does but I am not in Bangkok so much and lose contact.


ddDave: last I chatted with him, several month ago (6?) he was busy with the courier runs and

then was often did Santa for the Xmas season.


Best wishes to all of them for the New Year!

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