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Weather: Confirm My Worst Fears

Fiery Jack

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Just Throw Rice, Junta Orders This Dry Songkran



By Terome Jailor



BANGKOK — The junta today placed a ban on all water throwing in the upcoming Songkran festival, citing the ongoing drought situation.


Explaining that drastic situations call for drastic measures, junta spokesman Sansern Suvaree said the ban is appropriate considering that much of Thailand faces a severe water shortage.


He also advised Thais to switch to throwing grains of rice instead.


“It helps not only help alleviate the drought, but also promotes Thai culture and Thainess to foreign tourists,†Col. Winthai Suvaree said.


He said the government is mulling a plan to distribute grain rice for free on major roads around Bangkok during the festival. The rice will be fetched from numerous leftover grain stores under former Yingluck Shinawatra’s rice pledging policy, Sansern told reporters.


At first officials had considered rebranding the traditional Thai new year celebration to satisfy another critical resource allocation issue: Citizens would have been encouraged to celebrate the Songkran Rubber Festival by hurling harmless fun sourced from price-guaranteed rubber plantations in the south.


Winthai however said economic indicators suggested a better use.


“Soon we’re going to need all that rubber for writing checks!†handsome Winthai said with a wan smile and smoldering eyes filled with obvious passion for Thailand and what else we can only fantasize?




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40-Degree Plus Songkran Expected


BANGKOK — The mercury is predicted to peak at 39C in parts of the capital today. If that is not hot enough for you, don’t worry, during Songkran Bangkok and large swathes of the country are expected to experience temperatures that fly into the forties.


According to the Thai Meteorological Department, Sukothai experienced a sweltering high of 44C yesterday and endured another sweaty day today.


In many parts of the north and northeast temperatures are set to exceed 40C from today until at least Monday.

Bangkok and much of central and eastern Thailand is slightly cooler by comparison today, but from Thursday to Saturday the capital and many surrounding provinces are predicted to reach a punishing 40C or more.


Things are set to be comparatively cooler in southern and coastal regions where daytime highs are predicted to be around 35-38C during Songkran according to the Meteorological Department.


During Songkran southerly winds are set to bring humidity from the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand to cover the north, northeast and the central region with occasional respites from gusts of wind and some hail in some areas, according to the weather bureau.


Bangkok can expect haze during the day throughout out the New Year period. There is also the possibility of isolated thunderstorms throughout the country.



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Read an article in a local paper ( Jeormany ) this morning which says BKK temperature is now close to 44 degrees , people unable to pay their aircon-inflated electricity bills and therefore hitting the shopping malls to find cool ambience . Google says as per today it is 36 . What does the truth sound like ?

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