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How To Wipe The Smile Off A Energy Shield Master's Face


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What could possibly go wrong? Moment an 'energy shield master' dares martial arts expert to hit him in the face - and it ends exactly as you would expect


This is the moment a no touch 'energy shield master' receives a heavy dose of reality after he invites a professional martial artist to punch him in the face.

Stuntman Alexandr Litvinenko or 'Alex Lee', a seven-time martial arts champion of Ukraine, proves to be more than a match for the resistance specialist in a video which has re-emerged on social media.

The 36-year-old, who lives in New York, is asked to hit the master who says he can neutralize the threat with just the impulse of his hand movements.


Wearing a black shirt Alexandr strikes out, but his first punch is defended and he is slapped in the face.

The no touch master struggles to hide his smile after his successful move.

But although the unidentified man with blonde hair manages to fend of the first attack, he is then caught up in a bruising flurry of punches which knocks him to the ground.


It appears in the video the guy in black holds back with the first punch then gets slapped for his troubles. So game on :rotl: :rotl:



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