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How Is China Southern?


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Flew them a few years back from Los Angeles to BKK through Guangzhou.


Never again! Seats uncomfortable, service nil. Guangzhou was a nightmare. My mother in law, who lives and travels with us, was wheeled into a isolated corner and left there for a couple hours (insert MIL joke here). As our connecting flight time approached we tried to make contact but was ignored. Finally I pushed the barriers aside and wheeled her to our connecting gate.


But, of course, others mileage may vary!!

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Flew them several months ago, the trip just before most recent trip - same same LA to BKK. Respect your view mr migrant but i almost got the opposite impression, I found Guangzhou a welcome relief after the horrific nightmarish experience of that cesspool known as LAX. Rudest TSA pricks I've experienced yet, I imagine it would be more pleasant being in a herd of cattle at the local slaughterhouse.


But I digress. China Southern - roundtrip tickets were @ 500 USD and the flight length was reasonably short so rolled the dice and gave them a try. Both legs of the flight were delayed - but it was a small delay (40 minutes at LAX, about an hour at Guangzhou). No major complaints with the food or the seats and I'm at 6'1".


Guangzhou is actually a small airport, all the terminals are together in one area and there is no second run through security when catching your connection - which is nice as that can be a stressful delay.


When I went to the gate to go to BKK I was surrounded by people wearing the exact same windbreaker and rallying around a lady waving a flag. We're talking like 80 people. Turned out to be one of those massive tours going to Pattaya and I was seated right in their midst during the flight, which proved to be quite interesting as they were a somewhat rowdy bunch.


When we got to Bangkok the stewardesses didn't have any pens to fill out the customs form which was a bit of nuisance (mine was out of ink or whatever). Actually held me up at the airport briefly looking for a pen. They're definitely budget.


Would I use them again? Maybe. Depends.

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