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Team Led By Stephen Hawking Believe Object In Space May Be Alien Spaceship

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Me, I'm inclined to think, large pointy rock.


Given the universe is about 13.772 billion years old and we, as people who could perceive of life other than our own, have only thought so, for circa, less than 100,000 years, the logical possibility of us encountering any other life or beings, is vanishingly small.


But the folk talking about this, have more academic qualifications than my 0, so it's worth a read.









not an actual photo



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old news


Aren't you a statistician?


Oumuamua is now due to pass Jupiter in May 2018, and Saturn in January 2019. After that, it will fade from view and leave us for ever. But what about the others? The odds suggest that our planet has survived countless near-misses by these intergalactic speedsters. And each time one shoots past, the odds against a collision can only get smaller.

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"And each time one shoots past, the odds against a collision can only get smaller."


well that depends on your time scale


if in the next 5 seconds, the odds are infinitely small


if on a time scale for "ever" then the odds are "certain"




not until next time

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where are the windows :)


I was wondering where all the plumbing was, all the intergalactic space ships I've ever seen, are covered on the outside with plumbing, so as to make more room on the inside for, plumbing.



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Coss, you the statistic man.


How can this independent event relate to a future independent event?


If playing roulette, and it's black 6 times, the odds of the next roll being red in increased?


you are of course correct, when I say 'certain' I should have said, it's happened before (Dinosaur extinction) then it can happen again, so certain means, very probably over the time scale of the earth's existence.


I'm no expert, I just did the job for 4 or 5 years, but the problem with all of this is:


We don't know how many 'things' are flying about the Universe, logic suggests that there are a finite number of 'things' but as the Universe is infinite, we will never be able to round up all the things and count them.


Same same for time, we think we know that there is a beginning of the Universe, but we have no way of knowing the end, so let's assume that time is infinite.


So odds on finite x infinite? mmm, let me think....

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