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The End Of Days: Eden Club Closed?

Fiery Jack

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I thought it closed years ago!


I was never a fan but I didn't mind the french bloke who started it, didn't he die many years ago in Pattaya?


I think he even posted here as "Eden Papa"???


The whole thing was far to rough and ready for me, then, now, I'd probably love it!


Relax. Heard today: Eden's open for business, and it's business as usual. Panic off. :relieved:


Original manager was Marc. French. Mellow, affable, charming. Yes, I think he posted on here, possibly as Eden Papa. I had certainly not heard that he died. Sad to know if it is indeed so. Can anyone confirm or (preferably) refute this? :hmmm:


Marc left Eden some years ago, and was followed by another equally lugubrious Frenchman, Mickey. As far as I know, Mickey still reigns. He was there last time I visited Eden, which was last December. :hubba:


As we were, boys. As we were.


jack :help:

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I think I misread this years ago. https://www.thaivisa...attaya-closing/


Stick did a nice interview on him in 2007


Yes. I saw that, and a couple of other articles like it. Seems Marc's friend and business partner (Francis) died suddenly. In 2007, by most accounts.


But it appears that Marc was quite seriously ill at the time. I'm hoping he recovered and is still with us, wherever he's residing now. Wish someone could confirm that...


Here's hoping.


jack :help:


PS. This was written in 2013. Mentions Marc twice, but nothing about him subsequent to his friend's death...



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