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Are you sure about location if my memory serves me right (questionable) Rainbow was / is Back Right corner


Must be well over a decade since I stepped foot in NEP, just cant be arsed with the shit hole to be honest, there are literally 1,000's of places in Bangkok which offer a lot more "Sanuk"

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Mr Mekong would you please be kind enough not to confuse this community with more than questionable guessing as to where the great G-Spot might have been located . Top floor back right corner it was . The only gogo bar all over Bangkok which I did repeatedly visit except a place within the historic Clinton Plaza . Must have been probably 18 years ago as I remember myself smoking within the establishment .


During a gintonic backed outbreak of deepest emotion I did once pull a resident female workers bra downwards which caused a illogical turmoil because the majority of the present staff did not even wear pants . My sincerest apologies had been generously accepted due to a decent compensation in Thai currency. These were great days gentlemen and I wish to offer my gratitude towards Mr Pretendingtobemale to bring this up again . I did never visit Nanaplaza again til about 2 years ago when I was researching what a ladyboy bar is . Bullshit and wasted time .


I have since been trying to refine my approach on the erotic aspects of Khrungthep City and just returned home after a week which I would rate under " best one ever " which then beats first week last December which I wrongly rated as " best week ever " .


Life as such velly good

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We often get confused one of the mistakes we can claim with age my memory is not quite what is was, quite glad about that sometimes.


Clinton Plaza I remember as if just yesterday I was young and dumb back them days Living on Soi 11, alas no longer young but still dumb, across road was better the Soi 10 Beer Bar Complex, half of Soi Zero relocated there I loved Soi Zero haha showing my age now


PTBM mentioned Madrid Bar in another thread recently, it must be 10 years ago now since we were last there together, I don't know where time goes. Surreal, I am sat at home in Bangkok at present, CNY / TET escape from Vietnam for a few days, I purchased this place close on 4 years ago now yet it seems like a few weeks back.


I am getting old but doing it Disgracefully no other way!

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G-Spot was definitely back center. Not one of my favourites, though. I preferred the Three Roses and Hog's Breath next door. Good music, unlike the techno pop they were playing everywhere else. The DJ also had some morlam stashed away, this used to really energise the girls.. Hehe. For spectacle, the place of choice was the Mermaidium, before they the drained the tanks..

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