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Bakwahn And The Mermaid Of Songkhla


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Charly and the Mermaid of Songkhla



We see here „my little brother“. I know, I admit I presented this little story before; about 20 years ago, or so; cannot remember exactly. Sorry, Khun Sanuk for this repeat.

(((I have no new news to report at the moment. I could not fly to SOA and Siam for health reasons in this winter, my doctors said No! Too dangerous.

Last February I was delivered to the clinic in an emergency ambulance; second stroke was suspected. I spent 4 days there.)))



This beautiful mermaid is located on the beach of Songhkla in the south of Siam.

I made this series of pictures with tripod and self-timer.

The locals watching me and laughed and smiled at me: Crazy farlang! Hahahahaha

That must have been in February 1996 or 1997.




Well, I could do all and everything, but this Lady did not react.


I touched her sweet body -----> nothing

I caressed her boobies -----> she did not respond

I even kissed her cheek -----> uselessly

I whispered words of love and tenderness in her ear -----> it was in vain.


She was a femme fatale sans merci; she was a snubbing and repelling belle dame sans merci.

The beautiful Lady without any mercy.


It was time to go back to the girls of Nana Plaza and Pattaya.





and here the archetype for all mermaids




By the way:

The inspiring example of the mermaid of Songkhla in southern Thailand was the mermaid of Copenhagen (Denmark). Here you can see her. She's very beautiful.

This charming little statue is Copenhagen's landmark.

I first saw the mermaid of Copenhagen when I was a young guy of 17. It was a warm summer night in August.

The small statue was illuminated by two spotlights and impressed me deeply.

This wonderful figure was inspired by the ballet version of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale of the little mermaid.

For all mermaids in the world, this statue was the unrivalled model. Her grace, elegance, beauty.



Charly - Nasiadai - Bakwahn

from fucking cold Hamburg – 17. March 2018 - 3 degrees below zero - No sign of spring

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I've always wanted to see the Little Mermaid of Copenhagen, and now I know there's one in Songhkla, i wanna see that one too.



Charly, sorry to hear about you suspected 2nd stroke, I hope you are feeling better.


When I had my stroke the worst thing about it was lying on the floor, helpless, like a drunken mermaid out of water. Thankfully I am 99% better now, I hope you will improve too.


By the way, I don't know what medicines you are on, but just by way of information, I'm on Dabigatran which keeps me happily spinning along.


Maybe something to mention to your doctors next time you see them.



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Didn't realize you both had strokes (I definitely remembered a stroke here on the forum, but didn't realize two had this happen in the not so recent past).


Best wishes. I shied away posting tales of my drunken stupidity in the kingdom - however - I may grant a slight reprieve to that. I certainly have a few. And I certainly have a few more coming up soon. (Dear lord please forgive them for they know not what they do). May provide a little vicarious amusement for ya while not in the illustrious land of smiles. Maybe. I've always been an after hours dude preferring to leave the abode around midnight or later, but from what I understand the social order crackdown is suffocating that -- not sure how I'll adapt.


Keep posting and -- peace out yo. :)

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