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Germany Thread


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Nett in pocket brother Belboy, he will soon buy a US-built BMW unless Donald forbids exporting anything

hold on.....no social security, no taxes.....just € 10 / hour black ? tss tss on you Buffboy


my last car in Belgium was an X5, and like all X5, built in the US of A



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More from the perfect German paradise...and the video...wake up!!!

Angry Germans call to deport uncivilized "Refugees" after thousands have terrorized metro station in Berlin


This is a video taken in a metro station in Berlin. Screams of “Allah Hu Akbar†and “F*** You Trump†and the Palestine flags are visible in this rally done by only Arab men.


Muslims took the streets of Germany to riot after Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

In recent years Germany alone has taken millions of Muslim refugees and immigrants from all over Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


This video has become viral in social networks, outraged local Germans call to close the borders and deport illegal immigrants back to where they came from.





So you're providing instances of people reacting to Trump's actions, like when all the women marched in the streets of the USA when Trump was made President - perfectly reasonable actions.


You should be providing instances of where the opposition to Trump is wrong, if you've got his corner, not providing instances of people protesting his actions.


Again you don't have a handle on reality:


Trump does something stupid/bad, people protest, and you see this as a vindication.

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For the two stooges....and cheap azz Germany....the Bangkok Post shames the cheap goats!


Trump slams 'captive' Germany at Nato summit


BRUSSELS: US President Donald Trump launched a blistering attack on Germany at the start of a tense Nato summit Wednesday, accusing Berlin of being "captive" to Russia and demanding it and other allies immediately step up defence spending.


The two-day meet in Brussels was already shaping up to be the alliance's most difficult in years, with Europe and the US engaged in a bitter trade spat and Trump demanding that Nato allies "reimburse" Washington for the cost of defending the continent.


European allliance members were braced for criticism from Trump on defence spending, but his furious tirade at what should have been an amicable breakfast meeting appeared to take even Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg by surprise.


"Germany is a captive of Russia because it is getting so much of its energy from Russia," Trump said, taking particular aim at the proposed Nord Stream II pipeline...


Europe's biggest economy spends just 1.24% of GDP on defence, compared with 3.5% for the US, well below the Nato guideline of 2%.



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No... Trump demonstrated his ignorance by sounding off at a Norwegian, thinking he was German


Bangkok Post reported this


Bangkok post did not shame anyone with the exception of Trump...



And Colloidal Silver Swiggers everywhere....








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I will stop all further to Coss due to his TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome.


Can't educate stupid....you don't even realize what President was discussing and to whom.


You get NZ out of SERCO and the 5Eyes? fix your own house, azzclown!!!


Hope you get well someday....

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I call him Jesus Boy on account of his hairstyle, he often wears no shirt to accentuate his mildly hairy, though small chest.


Cavanami does, on occasion hold this youtuber to be the source of reason, light and the word...


As an erudite and mainly polite person, he backs the Trumpanzee thought process, by not so clever cherry picking of facts and opinion from around the web.


And this is brilliantly (and I mean this in a sarcastic way) demonstrated in Cavanami's post, which means. This must be true, because it has been blocked somewhere.


On this: I note that the views of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, are not true, because they have been prevented, the hiring of Auckland Council owned and operated facilities that would have allowed them to speak in same.


It is worth knowing that they have not been banned from speaking, they can speak anywhere speaking is allowed like Privately Owned hotel ball rooms, public parks, their friend's own living rooms etc etc, just not nice cheap publicly owned facilities that, help their budget.


They have since abandoned plans to preach in NZ. This has curtailed their plans to make Youtube Millions from gaining a tranche of idiot followers.


Also they are Banned in Australia and UK.



SO Cavanami of course will subscribe to their message as being the truest of true.

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like I wrote on FB yesterday in another debate :


it looks like when people run out of arguments, they resort to personal insults.......tss tss


and who ever won an argument online ?




Who wants to?


I'm not in this for being proven right, I'm in this for Sport, Trump is funniest thing that's every happened to politics and he's a walking blustering example of all the is bad about politics. If Monty Python had wanted to come up with a character that slayed Politicians and USA politicians in particular, they would have made Trump IMHO, or perhaps that's an insult to Python.

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