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Thai driving licence

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errr.... just from my little experience here in Huahin.....

if you have a yellow book, no need for embassy or even immigration letter....

just your DL + yellow book + patience in the queue....


still here after all those years.....

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On 5/11/2019 at 8:57 AM, Flashermac said:

I got mine through the desk that issues renewals of tourist visa. I was sitting there waiting for my number to be called, when a woman sergeant saw me and asked what I wanted. I told in Thai, and she immediately called me over and did it for me. So now they've moved it to the 90-day report section? That place is always packed. :(


Not the 90-days area, but next to it. B counters, used to be J counters. 

Not packed,  but slow

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Finally got my DL.

Had to pick up residence certificates at CW because they were not able to put my correct address into their system,  so mail didn't arrive.

DLT at Banjak sent me away,  quite unfriendly.

DLT at Mochit were friendly and helpful

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