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Queens Park Plaza To Close January 2020


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On 4/16/2020 at 11:19 AM, Shibuya said:

Where can you go for a daytime drink and pool now? 

That was the charm of Queen's Park, wasn't it.  Mid-morning onwards, you could make your own modest fun; that's often the way I like it.  Amazing to see that taking it down to the grown, then tilled the soil, full Carthage style!  (I write from Tunisia, Carthage is still a fresh memory to some here...)  

Not much of a praying man except when the monthly is late to arrive, but I'll be praying Bangkok and the party life get back on our wobbly legs sooner rather than later - being locked down all this time has definitely rekindled the dying embers of the fire that once burned inside... I'm very ready to toss that one lit match onto the gasoline-soaked pile and bring that fire back to life... 

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