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Queens Park Plaza To Close January 2020


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16 hours ago, The_Munchmaster said:


He also states that 10+ of the bars are moving to a new complex on Soi 7, which is due to open next month.


Fascinating news, but where would that be? I could only imagine this to be the space where previously a  seafood restaurant has been located. Though there is nothing as per Monday this week that looks like being opened next month. The Stickman might know.

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Washington Square fell victim to the wrecking ball a few years ago.
Now Queens Park Plaza has to bite the dust.
The only constant is the change.

I remember Washington Square:

Washington Square was located on the Sukumvhit between the Soi 22 and Soi 24; a plaza with about a dozen pubs that have settled there since the end of the 70s. A meeting place for Anglo-American "local expats" as well as a few Vietnam veterans and Anglo long-term vacationers; mostly pensioners, drinking away their pensions ...
The "Silverdollar", the "Prince of Wales", the "Wild Country Bar", the "Texas Lone Star", the "New Square One Pub" and some others. When you entered these bars, you noticed that these pubs breathe history, these pubs can tell an infinite number of great stories. When I discovered them around 1997/98, I thought I was in the heart of Düsseldorf's Old Town.

Among the Anglo-American guests of Washington Square there were some interesting types; unfortunately most of them already deceased. It was always great to talk to them for two or three hours. The only one still active is Richard Diran. Have a look at the website. In memory of Washington Square, Richard painted a picture of the Texas Lone Star; at the bottom right he immortalized himself. On it the regulars, the girls; he tried to capture the atmosphere of this pub.

I remember the king of the "squaronions" Kurt Francis. "Your voice of Bangkok".





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The fate that has befallen Washington Square is now threatening Queens Park Plaza.

Queens Park Plaza, like the WS, is also a high quality part of the real estate market, and so it is part of the Bangkok real estate market! In the long run, the higher yield will prevail over old-fashioned romanticism and individual wishful thinking. The bars, massage parlours, small shops and restaurants there did not generate enough turnover and did not make enough profit. Then comes a potent investor, and offers a new, rewarding, profitable use. The "new, modern times" have mercilessly wiped out this part of Bangkok. Luxurious hotel complexes, expensive restaurants, exclusive boutiques for the nouveau-rich Asian clientele have come with them a part of the old, romantic Bangkok has been extinguished. I can't turn the WS into a restricted area, a protected zone of my blessed memories. All of us together cannot declare Washington Square a UNESCO World Heritage Site and thus protect it from the wrecking ball. That is the wistful truth.


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