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Non mourning Thai lady


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Was not sure how to post the header

Here goes all.

2 weeks ago I lost a very dear friend to Cancer. It took him fast.

I introduced him to Thailand, several years back.

So he meets a freelancer on coconut bar road. I tried warning him..

Long story short, he ended up buying her a home in or near Prae. Not sure the spelling. 

He went in August to do some work on the house etc. He was really sick, no energy from the cancer. She is taking him all over to show him off like a new puppy 

So I get the news he passed.

My wife looks at his Facebook profile.

His former roommate had access to it

His love of his life.

Well no post about losing her partner or anything 

Yes she can read English some and speak it.

I'm mainly venting as in death, she seem not to care.

Sad thing is, I know for a fact, she will get money from his estate 

I tried politely to discourage this.

So here she has a paid for house and money coming soon

And never posts about how sad she is that she lost her "Partner"

Even my wife tried telling him.

She never cared for this lady from the start. She is easy going. Yes she is Thai also.

Just mainly venting here all.


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17 hours ago, passingthru69 said:


Just mainly venting here all.



RIP to your friend. I've seem similar things happen too often.   :(

I had a friend some years back whose marriage with BG soon turned to into a disaster, both emotionally and financially.  Afterwards, he was trying to console himself by hooking up with other "working girls". A friend's Thai wife was a secondary school teacher, and she tried to introduce the guy to several well educated women with decent paying jobs at her private school. They were nice looking women, but the guy wasn't interested. Every marriage is something of a gamble, but at least you can try to lessen the odds against you by choosing one who is less likely to take you to the cleaners.   


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Sorry for the man but he is now gone and no suffering any more, death eliminates everything. On the other hand: it should be known anywhere in the meantime that getting involved with an Asian lady on the property-side might probably result in total loss of one or both. I cannot remember how many stories I have read about this happening. Whoever decides to enter this path must know what might be the outcome. May he rest in peace.

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Baa99, Aad thing was, he spent only 3 weeks there.

He then came back to the States for more treatments.

Our last conversation on the phone, I could tell he was just worn down physically and emotionally.

He called me from just leaving the doctor's office. They told him, if he makes it through this round, he would have to have treatment every 2 weeks.

He said, I will never get back to Thailand now.. He has traveled all around the world and he photographed alot if his travels.

I wish there was someway his pictures and story could be told.

It was kinda funny when in our last

conversation he said I want pancakes and a cat. I'm like repeat that please 

I thought I misunderstood him..

We were polar opposites in a lot of things. Kinda like Coss and Cav with our current political issues.

But were we good friends.

Thanks all for letting me vent..

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It sounds like you're guilty for introducing him to Thailand.  Are you crazy?  You gave this guy a new lease on life! 

Also he helped this girl by buying this girl a house and commit to renovating it.  You know, he might have been happy doing this for her and had some satisfaction of a job well done.  You can't take it with you.  It sounds preposterous but maybe he was reliving his early life - all the time knowing he'll be dead soon. 

I mean if the way I go out is having some hot chick riding me...

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