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The Covid-19 thread


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Getting slightly sick of all the hectoring 'things people should do in a crisis' lists from poorly qualified ambulance chasers posing as experts. Thought I'd do an alternative personal list of suggestions NOT to do:

1) Virtue posture. Don't do the bare minimum as the CEO of a company and expect a round of applause. Bragging about taking a 20% pay-cut alongside your staff when you're already paid 10 times more than them is hardly shooting the lights out.

2) Anxiety bully. Don't 'health shame' people who aren't incapacitated with worry. Don't assume they are in denial or uncaring. Maybe they are quietly doing the best they can to make things better without using their anxiety as a fashion accessory.

3)Make idiotically sweeping statements. Trump isn't to blame , Jacinda isn't the answer. Whatever you might think of those two individuals its more complex than that. And please enough of the moronic Boomers versus Millennials drivel. Simplistic identity politics isn't going to get us anywhere.

4)Spread panic. Its bad. But we'll get through it. Its amazing what we humans can achieve when we decide to collectively rise to a challenge.

5)Lose your sense of humor. On which point can anyone confirm the rumor that in response to Covid-19 Prince Andrew is self isolating with Chloe-14?

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2 hours ago, bust said:

Bragging about taking a 20% pay-cut alongside your staff when you're already paid 10 times more than them is hardly shooting the lights out.

What planet are you living on Bust?

CEOs now make 278 times the average worker. :deal:


I blame Boris for his herd immunity plan. :neener:

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BANGKOK — Speaking from his condo, Singaporean expat Jay Feng asked other people currently in self-isolation at their homes to stay calm and not to panic. He knew a thing or two about the coronavirus; in fact, he survived it.



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I am only aware of a nationwide toiletpaper/noodle/flour scenario. Ravioli is also sold out as is Persil, washing powder.

Yesterday I was in the local supermarket to buy , yes, toilet paper and soap. But I swear only for my office which is not closed but in full swing due to great online business. Heading for the cashier I did really feel like an idiot. Toilet paper after Corona shall never be the same as before.

The lovely Pam last year opened a local minimarket which is usually run by her sister or heaven knows by whom, hot seller is beer Lao. I recommended to call the place General Laotian Inc. Anyhow today over the telephone I started a Corona-lecture about keeping distance , washing hands, wearing mask when madame told me that all is perfectly established. They do not even open the door for the customer. Has to wait outside. Tilac you smartarse is what she said. I am considering if I should be upset.

We did further evaluate a theoretical scene of currently keeping distance if a meeting could take place somewhere. For example her bedroom. We agreed no chance. Lub too strong. 

Mr Cavanami, I hear you talking all the time about getting eggs at local Callifou market. Please be aware that 3 eggs/week are enough. More is bad.

Ok, assorted findings Corona-related. Have a good day.

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