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NACC lays 'light' blame on police for Red Bull scion's escape

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Here we go   https://edition.cnn.com/2020/07/23/asia/red-bull-vorayud-yoovidhya-charges-dropped-intl/index.html

Thai police say that the red notice will take a couple of days to appear on the Interpol red notice web site, leading to conjecture that there is no red notice for the Red Bull Brat... And even i

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PM uncomfortable with the prosecutor’s decision to drop Red Bull heir case

Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is reported to be uncomfortable with the widespread public criticism of the decision, by public prosecutors, not to pursue the case against Red Bull heir Vorayuth Yoovidhya over the hit-and-run case, in which a serving police officer was killed...





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Law professors demand explanations from prosecutors and police over Red Bull heir’s case

A group of 32 law professors, at Thailand’s Thammasat University, signed a statement on Monday calling on the Office of the Attorney-General (OAG) and the Royal Thai Police (RTP) to disclose to the public the full details of the legal proceedings in the Red Bull heir’s hit-and-run case, and the reasons why they decided not to prosecute.

In the statement, the professors said that the Red Bull heir, Mr. Vorayuth Yoovidhya, was initially charged with five offences by the police and, if the case had been handled in a straightforward manner and the suspect found guilty, why he might have been given a suspended jail term.

Due to the social and economic status of Mr. Vorayuth, however, the professors allege that there have been systematic efforts to assist the suspect to avoid prosecution, to the extent that some officials have already been disciplined.

They took note of the slow handling of the case, which resulted statute of limitation expiry of three charges, and the suspicious matter of an allegedly ignored forensic report, suggesting drug use by the suspect, which could have justified a charge of reckless driving under the influence of drugs...


In other news :

32 Law Professors from Thammasat University, are missing, after not having shown up for work today.

Authorities say that despite repeated attempts to contact the 32 at their homes, that there is nothing unusual in a large group of academia, going missing together.

The Prime minister's office said that the 32 could be hard to contact because they are out of cell phone range on their journey, to start inactive posts at Loei Rajabhat University, up north.

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A key witness in police investigation into a billionaire accused of killing a policeman in a hit-and-run incident has died in a motorbike accident, police said Thursday. 

Jaruchart Mardthong, who was questioned by investigators in the case of Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya’s fatal crash, died around 1:30am on Thursday on Huay Kaew Road in Chiang Mai city, according to the police, who insisted his death had nothing to do with Vorayuth. 

“It’s a regular accident,” Police Capt. Kirat Butrwong, who is in charge of the case, said by phone Thursday.

Jaruchat, 40, died at hospital after crashing with another motorbike driver, who was also injured but had already left hospital. 

“Looking at the CCTV footage, it’s an accident,” Police spokesman Col. Krissana Pattanacharoen said Thursday. “But the autopsy is ongoing and investigators will continue to investigate. We aren’t ruling anything out yet.” 

Police Col. Ronnachai Rodloi of Bhubhing police in Chiang Mai said that Jaruchat had been driving behind the other motorist before attempting to cut in front of him. Both motorists reportedly had alcohol in their blood. 

Jaruchat’s body has been retrieved by his family for his funeral in Chiang Rai. 

Testimony given by Jaruchat and another witness is believed to have contributed to prosecutors’ decision to drop the charges against Vorayuth. 

Contradicting experts’ belief that the Red Bull fortune heir was driving at a high speed, Jaruchat told police on Dec. 4, 2019, that Vorayuth was going at 50 to 60 kmph. Jaruchat said he was driving behind Vorayuth at the time.

The crash killed Sgt. Maj. Wichean Glanprasert, who was on patrol in the nightlife district of Thong Lor. Police said cocaine, alcohol, and a substance linked to Xanax were found in Vorayuth’s blood after the incident. 

Move Forward MP Rangsiman Rome on Thursday tweeted his condolences, and said that he would “follow closely to see if this is really a normal accident or if there are any irregularities since he is involved in the suspicious #BossYoovidhya case.” 



Of Course! - how many more will die for the little slime ball?





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