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Madrid Bar to Close


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It has been reopened for awhile now. New location. I think Dang, Daughter of the original owner is running it. Not quite the same, but what is when it moves. I still remember the old place, the original “ cross readers” and “Hobos” and “Famous Drunks” of old Bangkok, Jack, Tony all of them, great crowd. Sadly almost all are gone now. For the 1-2 that are left, the new location is a bit too far to go. Still worth a visit and if you’re lucky you might see a “famous face.” Felling nostalgic today, gotta big out the old photos….   

madrid bar Bangkok

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On 10/18/2023 at 7:40 AM, Mekong said:

Sad really,

Sort of reminds me of when Peter relocated Woodstocks from NEP to Thong Lor 13, not the same. Not sure how Bourbon Street is fairing down Ekkamai but I assume it has suffered a similar fate.



Bourbon Street was doing ok a few years ago when we went for Thanksgiving…lacked the feel of the old place…

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