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Amazon's Alexa returns after morning snooze


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Users of Amazon's Alexa complained that the voice assistant was not working on Friday morning.

According to the website Down Detector, the problem appeared to affect the UK and parts of Europe and lasted about an hour.

Some users posted on social media that they had been unable to get Alexa to respond or help with their morning routine.

Amazon said the problem had been resolved.

"This morning we had an issue that impacted some Alexa customers' ability to interact with the service. The Alexa service is now operating normally," the company said in a statement. 

Alexa powers Amazon's Echo smart speakers, which launched in 2014.

BBC Click presenter Lara Lewington said she had been unable to turn off her morning alarm because the voice assistant was not responding. Link

Sad people complaining that they couldn’t turn off their alarms or turn on their lights, FFS use the Fucking Switch 

I fear for society if this is the intellect of todays adults,. It is fucking scary there are more millennials than boomers, god help us.

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10 hours ago, Mekong said:

I fear for society if this is the intellect of todays adults,. It is fucking scary there are more millennials than boomers, god help us.

Yes, and this is not just us being grumpy old men, like our forbears.  When we were young, the older fellas complained about us, but that was not because we couldn't 'do' life, it was because we did it differently. These days, the younger fellas, have difficulty just doing the basics.

As it happens I have a perfect example of this from yesterday. Picture a boat ramp, where people launch their boats into the harbour. 

There is room for 2 or 3 boats and trailers, to reverse down the ramp and proceed with the launching and or recovery.

There is one launching his boat, there is me just landing, about to recover my kayak, when  a young person reverses his car/boat combo, down the ramp, managing to get his boat in the water and car at a 45 ° angle across all of the ramp, preventing the one launching guy from getting his car out and me from landing.

I ask this guy, "Do you think you could let us (gestures to other people) get out?"

Answer "mumble bum f*ck mumble" sounds...

The only saving grace, was his slim girlfriend wore a dental floss bikini, and had no concept of other people's field of view, when she got in and out of the boat, several times, I can report, she is shaven.

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38 minutes ago, My Penis is hungry said:

I always hated all the grumpy old men,


Now I realize what fun it is

Best part of growing old disgracefully 

Todays youth are often dissed about lack of the basics, one of which is being able to tell the time on an Analogue Clock / Watch, something out generation were all taught by our patents. But do you really remember learning “How to Tell the Time”


Yputube won’t allow embedding of this video

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But when we was young, 40 years previously could we do basic household technology?


Changing a typewriter ribbon?


Type fast? Yeah - most people I knew typed slowly with one finger, now everyone is superfast


Or more recently, connect using a dial-up modem with metric in Baud?


Or who to talk to a switchboard? I used to call a number in NSW to get a switchboard to call my aunt on a party line

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Change a typewriter ribbon, sure inquisitive mind, loved taking things apart to see how they worked and putting back together, plus my sister didn’t like doing it. Could also load tape on a reel to reel tape recorder.

Type fast, typing was for girls, they did typing and home economics (cooking/ sewing) and boys did woodwork and metalwork. My sister, the one who didn’t like changing the ribbon was a 100wpm typist after school,, and my ex in the UK was a 120wpm typist top of the typing pool. Happy days as a young engineer and having your pick off the totty in the typing pool.

Today everyone is taught

typing at school from the age of 7 and a lot of schoolwork / assignments is typed which it never was in our day. I am an ambidextrous typist, I can use o e finger on each hand.

Not sure about Oz but going via operator and party lines was very common when I was younger.Subscriber Trunk Dialing was introduced in 1958 which allowed operator free calls within town area and between the big cities, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow, it was rolled out to cover the whole of the country until 1979.

I can also use a rotary phone, manually tune a tv, fiddle with the aerial for best signal, I remember alway having 2p I’m ask I needed to use a pay phone, walking to school, putting cards in the spokes of bicycle wheels. I had a set of encyclopedia, could look up numbers in a Telephone Directory, remember when TV shut down with the National Anthem and then the Test Card


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