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In the continuing theme of "What happens when the electricity goes away?"

Nigeria's electricity grid collapses for the second time in a month


I'm watching to see, what happens when millions of people, no hab,   'InyaFaceYouTwitTok'

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You do know the population of Nigeria is 206 Million right, so actually millions of people are without already.

Many causes of lower generation in Nigeria, including hut not restricted to:-

  1. Less rainfall than expected, therefore lack of Hydroelectric production, same as less Sun and less wind than expected, these forms of renewables are totally unreliable.
  2. Bad Maintenance and Operation of Gas Power Stations, Nigerians may be good as drug dealers on Sukhumvit, Lucky Lucky men on Spanish beaches or 419 Internet Scammers, but as thick as pig shit with machinery.
  3. Theft from infrastructure.. Damn hard to operate when the locals put hot taps on gas supply lines or steal the power cables, both a major issue in Nigeria.
  4. Bad Transmission and Distribution Control (T&D) at a local level The operation of the National Grid. At top level the Generated electricity Is distributed and rationed to local areas. If one area starts to take too much it does not decrease the Voltage but the Frequency. Most Main Circuit Breakers and all Generators have under frequency protection, when under frequency detected CB opens or Generator trips. Once a Generator trips the Grid under frequency spreads not like a ripple effect anymore but like a domino effect and before you know it total blackout. This is called Under Frequency Load Shedding (UFLS). Again blackouts should only be local to the greasy area but lack of maintenance of the Circuit Breakers on the National Grid allow under frequency to make it back all th way to the Generators.

This is why Wind, Solar, Hydro (except stored hydro) etc cannot be relied upon for Base Load

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Nigeria is a fascinating country, some of the hardest and smartest people in africa, they often resort to crime especially internet based as a means to wealth


The capital is like Canberra, no one actually comes from there, its a made up city, huge, and no one gives a shit about the city


Other places are not bad and you can get around.


That said all my meetings where at the airport


I suspect but it's not said that bit coin mining puts a huge strain on the network. Not my field but from reports ive read from Iran China etc there seems to be a large amount fo electricity needed

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