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Rocket Lab catches rocket stage in mid air


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I think that much like practising a golf swing, at the the driving range, it takes a number of shots, for one to be perfect enough, to pass muster.

The difference, is of course, you get yer golf balls back and even if one is destroyed, it doesn't cost more than, many towns.

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It is amazing that people still do believing in any faith, Christianity or other, the concept heaven is not restricted solely to Christianity.

Since you are an atheist, do you not find it remarkable that people are still controlled by the opiate of the masses. 

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You are stating the percentages for the overall general public, and not taking into consideration the Social Economic of which we gravitate towards.

The group who I mostly associate with are fellow Engineers whom, if you believe Myers–Briggs Type Indicator are most likely to be INTP or ENTP which is also the groups with highest incidence of atheism.

When you work in foreign / non English speaking countries you don’t really interact much with the locals except the ones who you are working with and , given the nature of the work, are also likely to be fellow Engineers.

So to recap, whilst society o a whole maybe has more atheists, the sector of society I interact with, the Intuitive, Thinking and Perceiving people has more atheists overall than the general population.

Its like in the 80’s in my mind “Disco” or “Classical” did not exist, I listened to Rock Music, associated with other Rock Music fans, went to Rock Clubs and Rock Concerts, at the time I was in a minority group but it was a majority taste amongst my social circle.

I  could quite easily have said “I am amazed people don’t like Led Zepplin or Pink Floyd” as “I am amazed people follow Religion” 


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Further to Kong's post above -

I am an Atheist - and yet I identify as a Buddhist. For why?

The best I can do is that:  

I see MLG, her family and friends, indeed, seemingly the entire Lao population, adhering to the religious aspects of Buddhism with obsessive zeal. Not to mention Thailand.

This is of course, behaviour, that is not the same, as understanding and pursuing the philosophy (as distinct from the religious carnival), of Buddhism.

Whilst I think I understand the philosophy, of Buddhism and I am happy to attempt to conduct my self accordingly,  it is the understanding I have, for how absolutely sincere, MLG and everyone around her is, in their adherence to the religious aspects of Buddhism, that make me a Buddhist.

I understand, approve, have respect for and encourage, those who I hold dear, in their religious beliefs of Buddhism.

I myself don't believe in the religious carnival, but I have respect for those that do, as it's a good way to conduct oneself.

Explicitly - I believe that they believe - and that is the thing.



Somewhat belatedly.

As most on this board, have triple digit I.Q.s, there comes point in intellect, where any religion, is effectively a crowd control system and depending on the goals and gains, should be encouraged or dissuaded.


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