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Rocket Lab catches rocket stage in mid air


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Misleading headline, it was a SPENT Rocket Stage descending on a Parachute which is approx 17 MPH, whereas a rocket stage travels at 6 Miles per Second, now catching one at that speed would have been impressive.

Shows the inconsistencies and oddities of the English language. 

Catch could mean, “To capture or seize, especially after a chase” which is how I imagined it or “To get and hold (something that has been in motion) in a hand, the hands, a container,or an implement” as per the headline.

Not to be confused with CATCH a lock or a door or a window or CATCH as in Catch a Cold where you neither chase a cold nor capture one.

Its a good job I am a native English speaker, I would be fucked trying to learn and understand this shit :)

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If you clicked on the link and I think you did, you'll not only see the parachute, but also that, the rocket stage was in the middle of the air, at whatever speed.

And spent or unspent, hang on, what if it was only partly spent? What speed then?

And when something is in the air and you catch it, it is clear from the context that the writer does not mean, a device to hold something closed.

Whereas "catch a cold" one would be catching something, stage, virus, bacterium, who cares, it's in the air and it was ensnared...

your turn...


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I know you have a hard on for Rocket Lab, being a Kiwi outfit and everything and you kiwis not having much to brag about and such, but please put it into perspective.

The Rutherford engine was clearly “spent” The very nature of a rocket is the stage is jettisoned by explosive bolts once it is out of fuel, if it did jettison before it was “spent” then it would be an operational mishap and I doubt the helicopter would be ready to “Catch” it. Also no flames seen coming from the rocket nozzle, e tell tale sign that all liquid fuels are depleted.

Alos,you,sailed to mention that the so called catch was Dropped

In Rugby, if the Ball is dropped before grounding it over the goal line, no try is awarded, in Cricket if the fielder fails to hold onto a catch the batsman is not given out, in NFL if the catch is not held it is called an incomplete catch and the ball is returned to the line af scrimmage for the next down.. I see a pattern here, in order for a catch to be classed as complete is has to be held onto and not dropped, just like the helicopter dropped the booster.

I don’t suppose “Rocket Lab attempted to catch Rocket Stage in Mid-Air but Dropped it” make for such a good headline though does it.

Back to you.


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But you see, no one has ever said/reported/written/implied, it was operational at the point of "catch".

The possibility that it was unspent or even that it was ascending, has never entered into the reporting.

It was dropped after the catch, some time after, not as a result of catching it, they caught it, decided they didn't like, the way it was hanging and dumped it. Plan B.

30 - 15


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You mentioned Spent   unspent in your previous response 


If I was playing Rugby, caught the ball on my own 22 Meter Line, ran towards the oppositions goal line and drop the ball before grounding  it, NO TRY. Same with the booster Rocket, it was caught on the 22 so to speak but dropped before landing / crossing the Goal Line. So Plan B was to play a knock on and give the opposition. The put in at the scrum? 
 Ot much of a Plan B


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I mentioned "And spent or unspent, hang on, what if it was only partly spent? What speed then"

as a retort to your post which raised the issue of spent or unspent.

The original post, the twitter link was taking about falling and mid air




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