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US airmen dancing contest?

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since I have started watching Facebook occasionally I am plastered with something that is called "Reels". Various subjects repeatedly meet my growing interest as there are: Young women lifting their skirts offering a brief view on their private parts. Although too short if you ask me. Then I enjoy "Reels" with boats leaving inlets in Florida almost capsizing, very funny. And recently they offer "Reels" with US army pilots climbing onto their warplanes accompanied by a ridiculous process like waving their arms through the air or presenting kind of a silly dance. The same and worse happens on the ground next to the aircraft offered by service staff making me think they lost their mind. What is this all about?

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I dusted off the old fb persona and after clearing the cob webs from, it I saw as you note Bubi, Americans enjoying, putting, personal flair into prescribed hand movements and gestures etc.

This no doubt will become part of the individual's marketing campaign, to run for congress in the future when they leave the airforce.

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On 4/9/2024 at 6:59 PM, buffalo_bill said:

What is this all about?

Tik Tok Generation, they can’t even take a piss without making a song and dance about it.

No, no video but I’m sure if you searched you’d soon find one 

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