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  1. Mekong

    Thailand pollution 2019

    Well I look forward to my visits back home to Bangkok for the relatively cleaner air, it is a lot better quality than Thai Binh (189) Hai Phong (176) and Ha Noi (166) over here in Vietnam
  2. Mekong

    New Years Resolution

    Quick update 6 weeks off them now, they say it gets easier with time. Bollox haha does it fuck. Have I been tempted to smoke? Sure every waking minute, but I won’t, It is not the wife, family Doctor etc telling me to stop it is myself telling me to stop and if I was to start again I would be letting myself down .. I am bett r than that’s!
  3. Mekong

    Usa Thread

    Cav, You could be quoting immigration UK wrt hand outs The very reason why I jumped ship years ago, why pay tax to support people who have never given anything to society.
  4. Mekong

    Usa Thread

    Where did. I say that? Is this argument 101. Don’t reply to the statement being posed but instead have a weak dig at th person making the statement thereby tying to deflect from the actual statement being made. i ask you (Hyperthatically because you have told me) wher are your family roots? Cavanami is not Native American, Chocolate Steve (no offense meant CS) was a descendent from the free slaves , th re is nothing wrong with such, building a ne life and future but please remember you are all descended from immigrants whom conquered/ stole another mans land. Australia the Anglo- Saxons stole from the Abo’s, New Zealand pinched from the Maori’s and where did those Anglo- Saxons come from? QED "quod erat demonstrandum"
  5. Mekong

    Usa Thread

    I find it ironic that Americans on this board are complaining about immigration where as in fact every one of you are descend from I’m immigrants. Oh but today’s immigrants are illegal, well who the fuck dictates legal and illegal? I very much doubt that the Native Americans granted the British, Spanish and French etc Legal status and visa free transit and long term stay. So basically the descendants of a bunch of Brits [Washington Himself was of British descendance and served in the British Army) can now dictate who it legal and who is illegal based upon ethnicicity, religion etc because th Brits got there first told King George to take a hike and had a free for all. So who are the illegals?
  6. Mekong

    Any New Jokes

    Reminds me of when I was working in the US nearly 20 years ago ... The Drive Thru ATM's had keyboards with Braille .... always made me smile. 😊
  7. Mekong

    Saudi moves into th 21st century!

    Rahaf al-Qunun: Saudi teenager given refugee status by the UN Australia to consider asylum request after home affairs minister says she would not get ‘special treatment’ Saudi teenager Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun has been found to be a refugee by the United Nations, and the Australian government will now consider her asylum request, according to the Department of Home Affairs. The 18-year-old woman barricaded herself in a Bangkok airport hotel room on Sunday to prevent her forcible return to Saudi Arabia, where she claims her family will kill her because she has renounced Islam. On Wednesday, the UN high commissioner for refugees assessed Qunun, found her to be a refugee and referred her to Australia for resettlement. The Department of Home Affairs said it “will consider this referral in the usual way, as it does with all UNHCR referrals”. A UNHCR spokeswoman told the Guardian that Qunun would remain in their care until a long-term solution has been found. “She remains in a safe location in Bangkok for the time being,” she said. Earlier on Wednesday, Australia’s home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, had warned there will be “no special treatment” for Qunun, despite a groundswell of support for the woman. The Australian director of Human Rights Watch Australia, Elaine Pearson, said the Australian government should “act quickly” to bring her safely to Australia. “She is a young Saudi woman whose face has been plastered around the world,” Pearson said. “She’s more at risk than other refugees, not just from her family but threats she has faced online and from her own government. “We all know what the Saudi government is capable of doing on foreign soil. I would hope that, once her claim has been assessed, the Australian government will act quickly to get her out of Thailand and to safety.” The Australian government previously said it would carefully consider granting a visa to Qunun if she is found to be a refugee by the United Nations. Her friends said on Tuesday that Australia had cancelled the tourist visa she was travelling on. Qunun was detained on arrival at Bangkok and denied entry to Thailand while en route to Australia, where she said she intended to seek asylum. The Australian Greens senator, Sarah Hanson-Young, has called on the government to show moral leadership and act quickly to offer Qunun sanctuary. “It is time to bring this courageous young woman to Australia to start her life as a free woman,” she said. A group called the Secret Sisterhood has set up a GoFundMe page to raise cash for Qunun once she is resettled in another country. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/jan/09/rahaf-al-qurun-will-get-no-special-treatment-from-australia-peter-dutton-says
  8. Mekong

    Tropical Storm Pabuk

    Tropical Cyclones within the Western Pacific are named by the Japanese Meteorology Agency 14 Member States each submitted 10 names, the order of names to be used is determined by placing the English names in Alphabetical Order https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tropical_cyclone_naming#Western_Pacific_Ocean_(180°_–_100°E)
  9. Mekong

    EPL 2018/19

    It means it was not the EPL but the FA Cup
  10. Mekong

    New Years Resolution

    I am so humbled at least it wasn’t an OBE
  11. Mekong

    New Years Resolution

    Don’t worry Coss I will still be around for many years yet giving my take on life, can’t get rid of me that easy. If people don’t see my opinion what do I care, I need people to argue with hehe says the grumpy ex smoker, what has been my excuse the previous 15 years haha . Obnoxious twat smoking or not, the board needs an asshole!
  12. Mekong


    I had never hered of Ariana Grande intil the Manchester Bombing but she seems to carry herself well
  13. Mekong

    New Years Resolution

    Marmite onToast And Vimto can’t miss Vimto out , remember I am a Salford Scally, I used to live from Vimto and Marmite, posh food when I was a lad, Salford Diet haha
  14. Mekong

    New Years Resolution

    RM Nicolette start d off on 10 pieces of 4mg per day and now down to 3-4 pieces per day will switch to the 2mg pieces next year / few hours time. Vapong was out of th question, totally banned in Vietnam not a token ban like Thailand and where I live local pharmacies have Parcetamol and Tiffy not much else, it was like planning an assault on the North Face of the Eiger when I bulk purchased Nicorette in various strengths when I was last in Bangkok. Flash, if I was in the UK or even Thailand for that matter maybe I would notice the money but not her in Vietnam, I was only paying $1.25 per pack for Marlboro Light’s so 2 cartons per week was less than 30 minutes earnings, maybe if they were $12.5 per pack instead of $1.25 I may have given up sooner but I had no fiscal incentive to do so. Strangely being around smokers does not seem to bother me, like half the time at work we side to have brainstorming sessions whilst smoking, we still have them but I just don’t smoke. People say “But M, most of your ideas on the back of a fag packet” which is true, I tell them we need more soggy beer mats then, don’t knock fag packet and beer mat engineering, where some of the greatest resolutions to problems have been recorded on such. The real reason was health, I was suff ring from Peripheral Artery Disease, which is a blockage of the Arterie(s) in the Leg(s) it cuts off the blood supply to the muscle and as such I was getting severe cramps first in my calf then thigh, so bad I could hardly work mor than 50 Meter without needing a rest, I felt like an old man. Over the past year I have had Operations on both legs, rather like a heart bypass, balloons into ththe arteries and stents inserted. It wasn’t cheap and medical insurance would not pay since it was a pre existing condition, it was a choice of pay up and walk again or don’t pay and be a cripple, I didn’t want the later. That is the fiscal reason. Now I am walking 5KM per day, iPhone health tracker tells me so, where as before I used to leave my desk and go for a tab now I leave my desk and have a brisk 10 minutes walk instead, still breaks the monotony / gets me away from the idiots I work with for a few minutes haha. Determined to have knocked it on the head, only 1 month yet but Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow, this is the fist and hopefully only time I have tried to pack in.
  15. Mekong

    New Years Resolution

    New Yers Resolutions, I will Exercise more, I Will Drink Less I will stop Smoking, why do people make false promises to themselves which no chance of keeping? Why presure oneself just because it is New Year? One has another 364 days of the year to make a lifestyle change. Look at me, self confessed heavy smoker, smoking for about 40 years now at th last count on over 2 packs per day, you won’t hear me say “I will stop smoking for New Year” Why? I chose to give up 1 Month ago that’s why, It was a Saturday Morning, no stress from work and an easy date to remember 1 December, I have been threatening to stop just just said “Kong Stop ya fool” no time like the present. So as people are waking up tomorrow and struggling with their resolutions, especially smoking, I can have a wee smile to myself and think, “I know th hell you ar going through, been there” stick in there those who are trying it does get easier if I can do it so can anyone. My NY Resolution 2019 is to continue what I refrained form in 2018, no pressure since I am already not doing it