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Christmas dinner!


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"For 2800 you don't even get a decent christmas meal in the cheapest restaurant here...."


Baloney. The Bourbon Street buffet is 890 per person. 500 or 450 for kids under 12, and free for kids under 5 I think it was. Perfectly decent and tasty food with all soft drinks, water, etc. tea, and coffee as well free with the meal. So with 2 people plus paying for a bottle of wine to go with the meal you'll be a little over 3,000 baht for the 2. The food there is very good and the menu quite varied and extensive of choices. And there are plenty of other places in that price range including wine to choose from. As Faustian I believe it was said, many high end hotels have little atmosphere (sterile) and the food at times isn't even that great for the price paid.


There was a psychological study done recently that showed that people believe just because they are paying big money for something they think it is much better than it actually is. They gave people choices that were labeled by price, but some were labeled higher priced than the actually were. The people rated the higher cost items (wines and such) lower if the prices shown were lower than the lesser quality items that were showing higher prices.


It's all in your mind a lot of the time. :) It costs a lot so it MUST be great. Again, baloney. Half of the high end places I've eaten at in Bangkok were very average. Some are good, but that statement is pure baloney. Overpriced baloney probably. :)


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Here's their buffet menu for those too lazy to check it out. :) Something for everyone, even a French or Belgian food snob. :smirk:


Bourbon St. Restaurant Christmas Buffet


24 December 2008â?¦ from 17.30 â?? 22.00

And 25 December 2008â?¦ from 12.00 â?? 22.00


- Avocado with Crabmeat & French Dressing

- Rocket Salad with Crabmeat & Avocado Balsamic Dressing

- Bar-B-Q Oyster with 2 kinds of cheese

- Fried Shrimp

- Fried Mozzarella Sticks

- Spinach Salad

- Fresh Garden Salad with our homemade dressing

- Caesar Salad

- Buffalo Wings

- Shrimp Cocktail

- Fruit Cocktail

- Potato skin with Bacon or Blackened Chicken

- Shrimp Bisque

- Blackened Salmon

- Turkey Andouille Gumbo

- Oyster Artichoke Soup

- Chicken A La Grande serve with Spaghetti Bordelaise

- Blackened Shrimp Pasta (spicy)

- Eggplant ground pork pasta

- Meat loaf

- Bar-B-Q Pork Ribs

- [color:red]U.S. Butterball Cajun Deep Fried Turkey, Roast Turkey[/color]

- Sauteed Crab Claws

- Lamb Chops

- Cajun Braised Lamb Shank

- Baked Virginia Ham

- Mashed Potatoes

- Mashed Sweet Potatoes

- Giblet Gravy

- Mixed Vegetables (Carrot, Cauliflower and Baby Corn)

- Corn on the Cob

- Cornbread & Andouille Dressing

- Bread Pudding with White Chocolate Sauce & Praline Pecan Bourbon Sauce

- Apple Pie with Ice Cream

- Pumpkin Pie

- Georgia Pecan Pie

- Pecan Pie

- Cheese Cake

- Blueberry Cheese Cake

- Coconut Cake

- Carrot Cake

- Chocolate Cake

- Chocolate Brownie

- Mixed Fruit

- Pumpkin Crêam Brulée

- Ice Cream

And much much more


899 Baht++ Per Adult 450 Baht++ Per Child under 12 years (Free for Child under 5 years)


[color:red]*[/color]Includes Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Bottled water and Ice Tea

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Cent and KS: I, for my part, would never pay 2800 bht for a stupid christmas dinner.


I also agree that in BKK, a good dinner can be found for far less.


I just put things in perspective -> as someone who calls JW Marriott to get a quote for their "special dinner" dosen't have to be "suprised/offended" by the price quoted....


This is a bit like if I called a 2 Michelin stars restaurant to get the price for a christmas dinner -> I would not be suprised by the price...


For my part, christmas will be spent at work with a tuna salad


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The Bourbon street choices look good (for me anyway), but is it a nice place to dine for a GTG? What's the venue like?


I may take a trip there tomorrow to check it out.


Agree fully with cents comments. Price means nothing, usually. Ate at some appalling looking cheap restaurants in France, but the food was some of the best I've ever had. I've eaten at some very expensive supposedly top eateries and have left wondering what the fuss was about....and considerably lighter of wallet!


My quest continues....

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The Christmas lunch buffet at the Sheraton Grande 'used' to be very nice. Take friends/family, a big appetite and a fat wallet. Enjoy.

The regular Sheraton Grande buffet has been closed for the last several weeks due to lack of business. I'm not sure if the closure applies to the Christmas dinner buffet but anybody planning on going there better call first.

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