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Christmas dinner!


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Want to eat somewhere nice for Christmas day, but I really don't know much about eating out here...


Any recommendations for venues that put on a good show for Christmas? Not too worried about the traditional turkey, although nice, more about the atmosphere/vibe. Want it to be special.


Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Don't know about special, but good foods, wines, booze, nice place, good people, and some Xmas cheer and lots of people likely. Always a good experience in my boook. I usually have Thanksgiving Day dinner there. Never had Xmas dinner, but they have a good spread. Check the link here: http://www.bourbonstbkk.com/


Are you taking others or going it alone? On the site page on the left in the Xmas dinner section click on 'menu' and you will see it is quite extensive, and they do have 2 styles of turkey done as well. One Cajun style and one baked turkey. Buffet is all you can eat whenever I have been there.



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Thanks guys, it's for me and my lady...so I want it to be good. Money is not a problem, the quality of experience is! I'l check out the Bourbon street as well as the Sheraton but I often find hotels a bit sterile.


Cheers guys, have a great one...


SD may see you down there!

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2800 bht for a Christmas buffet?


Nothing special especially if they kept up the quality.


1K for the "normal" buffet so 2800 doesn't seem high to me if they provide Champagne, foie gras etc...


A normal meal at any "top" place in Bangkok already costs a few thousands (and more usually above 10k for a meal for two with just a few glasses of wine, not even a bottle).

2800 Bht is really not that high.


For 2800 you don't even get a decent christmas meal in the cheapest restaurant here....



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