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Grisham recounted the time when boxing promoter Don King, who had been one of Trump's few celebrity supporters during his 2016 campaign, came to see him at Mar-a-Lago, after Trump won the election and brought a gun with him. According to Grisham, aides around the Trump thought to themselves, "Who the hell shows up to Mar-a-Lago to see the president of the United States, with a gun?".

But Trump didn't have the same concerns.

"Secret Service said, 'No you can't come in,'" Grisham recalled. "And the president said, 'No let him in, I don't care.'"...



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Cav, I went to College from 1971-1975.   Going to 2 Jesuit institutions, Holy Cross and Creighton University, the tuition my senior year was around $1,200 a semester. “For the students who are admitted to Creighton in Fall 2022, the estimated tuition for four(4) years is $189,918. The estimated total costs of attendance with living costs and personal expenses is $254,397 for four(4) years.”  That increase isn’t just from cost of living.

My Thai step daughter just graduated from Pharmacy school with about $80,000 in debt.  That should be reduced by $20,000, as she had a Pell Grant as an undergraduate.  
Not related to the topic, but the most famous graduates of the 2 schools that I went to are Clarence Thomas at Holy Cross and Jenni Thomas at Creighton.  Not overly proud of that. 

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There's a reason that this photo is important.


The lass is not who she says she is, but she charmed the old twats, and had lots of access to them and Mar-a-Lago.

Whilst this story is still developing, the key points are:

For a time, Anna de Rothschild boasted of her family roots to the European banking dynasty, donning designer clothes, a Rolex watch, and driving a $170,000 black Mercedes-Benz SUV.

She was invited to Mar-a-Lago, where she mingled with former President Donald Trump’s supporters and showed up the next day for a golf outing with Mr. Trump and Sen. Lindsey Graham among other political luminaries.

Fluent in several languages.

American passport for “Anna de Rothschild” claiming Russia as her birthplace.

Fake Canadian passport for “Anna de Rothschild” claiming her birthplace as Monaco.

Ukrainian passport in the name of Ms. Yashchyshyn.

Russian passport in name of Anna Anisimova.

Florida driver’s license for “Anna de Rothschild” with the address of a mansion to which she had no connection.

Real name is Inna Yashchyshyn, a Russian-speaking immigrant from Ukraine

...guests interviewed for this story said Ms. Yashchyshyn repeatedly told people after entering the palatial Mar-a-Lago grounds that she was a Rothschild “and everyone was eating it up,”...


Theres more  LINK  LINK


Spies? what Spies? ...

The probe into her activities comes three years after two different women from China — one of them toting two passports and a thumb drive with malicious software — were arrested in separate instances after they entered the club grounds while Mr. Trump was president.

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The student debt issue is a tricky one. I am under no illusion Biden's 10k debt relief for those making 125k and under is a campaign stunt for the Dems. That's fairly clear to me if not others. 

But lets understand this issue a bit more into its history that may help resolve it for all concerns. Student debt can not be written off. This happened if memory serves me correct (and it fails me more than helps these days) this happened in the Homeland Security Act. This was snuck in with a whole lot of other non security stuff. Prior to that, student debt could be included in personal bankruptcies. 

Why not go back to that? Those that dutifully paid off their debts aren't made to seem foolish and those that can't must have a bankruptcy and all that entails (7 years of bad credit, paying very high interest rates, probably unable to buy a home, etc.). You can get rid of it but there is a cost. 

Seems the only fair solution. 

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"7 years of bad credit, paying very high interest rates, probably unable to buy a home, etc."

I've got that without a bankruptcy.

I've got that because in my country, when I first bought a house, it was priced at about 3~4 times our annual income.

Now the houses are priced at 10 or more times a couple's annual income and the banks keep lending, because the asset's price keeps rising.

Hah hah,  the prices have turned this year and whilst it remains to play out, there are quite a few cases of negative equity popping up.

If recession is really on the cards, I'm extraordinarily grateful that I own nothing on borrowed money, in NZ.

Meanwhile parcels of 1~2 hectares in Laos are quietly being bought for NZ$ 7~8K. I have a bamboo farm and a tree farm (wistful names for the vegetation on each) as well as the one in the city.

I've done this because of the amount of Chinese money pouring into Laos and the economic opportunity around the new railroad, when Thailand links up to it properly.

Not that I'll live to see the equivalent of 4 million dollar houses on it.

And so that I've got three places to go and sit in a hammock and drink beer.

I'm reminded of NZ about 150 years ago when land was cheap. 

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The USA student debt debate is interesting as an observer, anyone would think that the USA had the highest student debt in the world, far from it. Average student debt in USA is $32,731 whereas in the UK it is $53,610, some 64% higher.

The main difference is in the USA studying say Law or Engineering will cost more than Social Sciences, so basically those with a higher earning capacity rack up higher student debt, you knew what you were getting into before enrolling on course.,whereas in the UK it is a fixed fee for education whether one is studying a STEM subject or underwater basket weaving. Funny thing is UK student debt doesn’t make global news, typical Brits just get on with it.

As for the housing market it is if and not when the bubble will burst. In the mid 80,s 3.25 x Income with interest rates at 14.75%, repayments on which we’re far higher as a percentage of income than 10 x Income at 1.25%.

Once interest rates go up there will be millions stuck with mortgages they can’t pay, repossessions will go through the roof and prices will start collapsing putting more people into negative equity situation.

Gonna need a lot of popcorn to see this one through.

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The pot boiling on the fire, is about to boil over and douse the fire that's heating it...

Trump shares QAnon content...

...former President Donald Trump spent Tuesday morning posting dozens of messages to Truth Social, his financially troubled social media platform, and sharing content from QAnon-linked conspiracy theory accounts and 4chan message boards...

...Trump posted or reposted more than 60 messages early Tuesday, hours after he demanded on Truth Social that he be declared “the rightful winner” of the 2020 election...


Duck Duck Go 


Come back here and take what's coming to you. I'll bite your legs off!



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