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Global RIP thread


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6 hours ago, cavanami said:

...can the new generations even grasp a tiny bit of the greatness???


Can´t. They find their greatness on tiktok. A popular german hadhunter complained the other week he almost cannot find tough applicants any more for demanding jobs. He says: they melt under pressure like a snowflake does. Nuff said.

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20 hours ago, cavanami said:

It's called grit. My generation has grit. My father's generation fought in WW2, they certainly displayed plenty of grit.

Present generation doesn't have grit, IMO.

I will dig out and post a picture of our little gang overflowing with grit!

Our gang...and a future world class fisherman 55555555555


Misc Pics.pdf Misc Pics1.pdf

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