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Gorgeous Girl In Spankys Bar Nana Plaza


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Which does , Mr Mekong , only prove that visual inspection of related parts is usually less accurate than any physical impression .


On a sidenote . Would a detailed report about a " longtime " - romance ( 6000 Thai Baht ) with a freelance hooker with good heart whom I picked up at Beergarden soi 7 destroy my reputation on this fine board which I decided to rejoin after a 12 months sabbathical ?


If so I could alternatively offer another romance ( longtime 4000 Thai Baht ) with a GoodThaiGirl working in an extremely serious Thai massage/spa at Silom Road leading quality tourist BuBi into an " Isaan Dancing " due to her "sister´s " birthday . Isaan dancings since then I do not recommend , reasons being noise level and general confusion . Mademoiselle´s brother in law , by the way , works in a gay show near Patpong , has two children , married and spends most of his paid time with Chinese women though . A muscly dude of excellent behaviour I must admit . Chase women and you learn a lot is what I am saying .


Aforementioned events as per 2nd week December 2014 , for the record .


There is more to it .

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Mr Bust's comments were based upon a Visual inspection from about 7,350KM away of a photograph as opposed to Charly's "Hands On" examination

The operative word was "look" . Reality is I will never know :wink:

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Those tits look saggy enough she could tuck them up under the arms


I ain't too choosy anymore - I can tuck those up under MY arms, that'll give me some traction while I huff and puff away above her... (Sorry, Charly, I don't mean to be crude, it just happens accidentally!)



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