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An Eulogy – An Extolment – To Nana Plaza


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An eulogy – an extolment – to Nana Plaza

But this doxology to the NEP is also a swan song, a farewell.


I love Nana Plaza. When I entered Nana Plaza some 24 years ago for the first time, when I made my first experiences in the bars with the girls - I confess it plainly - I was highly delighted, I was in paradise. I was still relatively young, at the peak of my performance, successful in business; good salary. I was just divorced; a free man.

Here I found what I missed in Deutschland and in the resort areas and vacation destinations of - for example - Mallorca and Ibiza, the Spanish islands in the Mediterranean Sea:

Girls - girls – girls

All nice and pretty, all with a fantastic attitude, all willing and ready for mischief, for naughtiness, all enchanting and charming.

I enjoyed the gogo bars and the girls of Nana Plaza. It was so different from my experiences at home in German discos, summer and garden parties, birthday parties, trendy cafes, the university and other celebrations and locations where you can meet girls and women. It was amazing: I entered a bar and two minutes later I had a beautiful girl in my arms, dressed in a bikini only, my hands exploring her sexy body, my lips kissing her sweet mouth, enjoying her emotions, her cheerfulness, her smile. An affect-cocktail of overpowering, of high spirits and intense sense of pleasure started shivering through my mind. Suddenly she whispers in my ears:

“I want to go with you. I am a good girl. I'll make you happy.â€


"Good old St. Peter" so I thought "you have to endeavour with your heavenly paradise when you want to outdo Nana Plaza."


I was in paradise. I payed bar and we celebrated a fuckfest till the next morning the room-service relentlessly knocked on the hotel door:

“Stop fucking now. I want to clean room!â€


24 years later I am still fascinated by the girls-scene on lower Sukumvhit, although I am an aging boy today and handicapped by a stroke.

The Nana Plaza has been my centre of the universe for many years; for about two decades. At home in Farlang-land I was dreaming of it. It was my paradise, my heaven, it was my wonderful enchanted garden.


I remember bars like Sexy Nights, DC-10, Spider’s Web, Hogs Breath, Three Roses, Farlang Connection etc.; they were relatively small, a little bit shabby, but beverages and lady drinks, barfines and the girls were cheap! The atmosphere was great and the girls willing, friendly with smooth and warm-hearted attitude!


For round about 4 - 5 – 6 years, NEP has been changing for the worse.


Prices exploded, went through the roof; for beer, beverages, barfines, girls.

Today Nana Plaza is not a cheap pleasure any more; it changes in a place for “2-weeks-millionairesâ€. The cheap, affordable sanuk is gone, faded away. The times where you could draw on unlimited resources are gone forever.


I repeat it: Today you need 280 – 300 Dollar to buy the same as 20 or 15 years ago for about 120 Dollar.

Nowadays you must be a “two-weeks-millionaire†with a bulging wallet.


I do not want to deepen that.

For about 4 – 5 – 6 years we are witnesses of the unstoppable swansong, of the doom, the Armageddon, the Goetterdaemmerung of the P4P scene, the bar and sanuk scene: fewer girls, higher prices, deteriorating attitude of the girls.

Sanuk will be no longer affordable and enjoyable for many of us.


Live from Düsseldorf

Nasiadai alias Bakwahn

Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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Soi Cowboy ???

Have been there many evenings during my last stay in Bangkok: ----> today, nowadays same same Nana Plaza





I remember all the bars of Nana Plaza. Yes, I remember that there have been some nice girls with big boobies.




I know Crazy House an Soi 23. Last November I barfined an Isaan-girl from Crazy House; fantastic big tits. Much fondling fun.

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Charlie, you have to know where to go on Cowboy. Avoid the flashy "Arab" group bars - lots of lovelies outside to lure you inside, but then no happy hours and rip off prices. Stick to the older bars - Dollhouse, Suzy Wong etc. The Dollhouse has happy hour until 9.30pm! Ask Cav about the cheap drinks and happy hours. He's the board expert. :drinking:


p.s. A friend got a short time at one of the smaller Cowboy bars for 1,500 baht (including room). Hard to beat that these days. The gal was a babe too.

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Mr Nasiadai ,


you seem to be torturing yourself by observing the obvious decline of Nanaplaza . I think the management of the property should pick up your earlier thoughts about somehow bringing in elements of advanced music like Mozart or maybe establishing a regular jour fixe discussing meaningful literature probably every Friday at 21:00 . I invite Fiery Jack to offer his views .


Apart from this I strongly recommend to avoid lousy places like gogo bars and such alltogether in favour of ordinary Thai massage shops where King Silvertongue is usually more than welcome . I could still jump with joy in sweetest memories of Mademoisellle Tuk from a shop in Soi 18 , what an evening . " You good man " confirmed Tuk after breakfast , what more can you expect .

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On the other hand, I'm one who has found, the pricing high and attitude of a lot of places in LOS to be substandard compared to the old days.


But I have, found bliss, with a singular entity, and now can say, if I'd had this 25 years ago, I might have never ventured into a gogo bar.


Not that I'd avoid them now, I've been infected, you see.

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